Bar GraphDo you consider yourself a savvy online shopper? Have you ever wondered what the best times of year are to get free shipping or save on high-ticket items like televisions and laptops? We’ve gone through our data for the past three years to spot trends in what kinds of goods are popular each month and which coupons savvy shoppers can find throughout the year. Here are a few of the major trends we identified:

1.)   Free Shipping Offers Spike Three Times per Year

Two of the best times to get free shipping are in August and September (back-to-school season) and in November and December (Holiday Shopping). We also found a spike in free shipping offers during February and March. If you’d like to avoid paying shipping costs, be sure to time your purchases during these peaks.

2.)   You Can Score Great Off-Season Savings

Buying off-season is a smart way to save. If you want to purchase new luggage at a great price, wait until March when the travel industry slows down (Check out our coupons for LuggageOnline).  Many top cruise lines will offer vacation discounts if you book just before the Summer months.  Those shoppers looking to upgrade their patio furniture will find the best prices during October, after the Summer rush.  We have some amazing coupons for Home & Patio Décor Center.

3.)   Holidays Offer Super Saving Opportunities

When searching for deals, think about annual holidays like Father’s Day or the retail holiday Black Friday.  Certain items will be heavily discounted around these times.  For example, the best time to buy electronics is near the end of November, during Black Friday and the days that follow it.  You will find the most savings on tools in late May and early June, which is the prime time to buy Father’s Day gifts.

With the right shopping strategies, you are sure to score the best deals both online and in stores. For more information about annual shopping and coupon trends, sign up for the SelectAware Newsletter!