Are you feeling uninspired by your Spring Break options? Feel as though you have already been there, done that? Then you are going to love these 3 options. 


Azores islands

Never heard of Azores? We’ll admit we hadn’t either. After learning more about this gorgeous and remote part of Europe, it’s landed on our bucket list for sure. These nine islands just off Portugal are a well-kept secret, though not for much longer. The climate is mild, the activities abundant and the price is perfect for families who crave an active vacation. The number of clubs and nightlife is minimal and and an intense respect for nature mean these islands are remarkably untouched for now. A couple of things to keep in mind: the weather can be unpredictable so a beautiful morning could quickly evolve to an afternoon thunderstorm, and the travel between islands is expensive and not necessarily easy. Still, it’s one of the few vacation places we know of where you can book air and hotel for as low as $499 per person!

Train Trip

Steam engine

Very few Americans experience the joy of traveling by train anymore. These trips are reminiscent of a time when the pace of life was slower and more time was spent observing the world and not a screen. It’s still possible to travel coast to coast by train, and can even be affordable! Similar to a cruise, the train will make stops along the way which allows passengers to get out and briefly explore an area before traveling again. Of course, a passenger can always opt to stay longer in any city and make arrangements to pick up again with a later train.  For families looking to reconnect or get a taste of what life used to be like, this is an amazing option. Pro tip: probably best to pack  a few games in order to keep kids off electronics. Though the scenery is gorgeous, there will be a lot of sitting involved too. Here are some of the top-ranking train trips in America.

Go Unusual

Tree house

Tired of hotels but have people in your household that don’t really want to sleep in a full-on tent? We understand and might even have some of those people in our house too. What we did instead was take a trip out to Out’n’About Treehouses in Oregon.  It’s a treehouse “hotel” where each family stays in a separate treehouse on the property and it was spectacular.  Granted, you may want to go ahead and book for next year as this place is usually packed a year in advance. However, it remains one of the single most memorable trips we have ever taken as a family.

There are other treehouse hotels in the US as well. We’ve also stayed in a yurt and have several friends who have experienced glamping resorts out west.  Sometimes the cost per night to stay can be higher, but since most of the daily activities involve nature and outdoors, the budget can still be kept in place with proper planning. We also have friends who regularly look for tiny house rentals all over the country, switching between city and rural landscapes.

No reason spring break has to mean the beach or ski trip. If you’re in a spring break rut, any of these unique experiences will leave lasting memories, guaranteed!