Pumpkins in party hats

We will be the first to admit, we are tired of trying to find a “new normal.” In fact, for 2020 there really is no such thing. However, we are also on board with finding new ways to approach tradition things, like the holidays.

As Halloween is just around the corner, we have no idea yet what it will look like. Will neighborhoods make collective decisions on trick-or-treating? What might it look like for our urban-dwelling friends?

We aren’t sure either so we’ve found 3 new ways to celebrate spooky season, just in case everything else we are used to is tossed out the window.

Host A Virtual Costume Contest

If the Emmy’s can be held virtually, so can a costume contest. In fact, we think that the set-up might just encourage some people to become even more daring, more outrageous in their costume choices and effort. After all, when the weather and logistics of moving freely are removed, what kinds of costumes suddenly become options? We think this is definitely the year to pull out all the stops. Bonus- with Zoom you can add a background to enhance your whole Halloween theme!

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Start a Halloween Parade

We love the comeback of the parade during this pandemic. It presents a safe way to involve a large group of people, although we suggest checking with the newly released CDC risk map first.

With careful planning and advance notice, families can use a sidewalk, or maybe even dead-end street, to let kids march in costume. Those who opt out of participating in the parade itself could always make signs or cheer on those parading.

Why not try a group or neighborhood theme even? Here’s a great example of neighbors who organized a dinosaur parade earlier in the year.

Visit the Zoo or Park

Many city parks or zoos are still planning Halloween events and/or activities that are COVID friendly. For parents with small kids, this may be the perfect solution this year. Thanks to wide-open outdoor spaces, a lot of parks and zoos are getting creative with decorations, live music, and photo ops that make it worth the extra effort to come.

Just don’t forget to book in advance as that’s one the biggest changes to zoos and parks this year!

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