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Where did summer go? I feel certain I only blinked twice, and yet here we are — suddenly counting down the remaining days until school starts back. Whether it’s a week or a month until your kids return to campus, it’s likely school (and supplies) are on your mind.

Most stores have started preparing for the return of school, and SelectAware is taking full advantage of the savings! Now is a great time to load up on all the staples, even if school  in your area doesn’t start until September.

Since our schools begin in a few short weeks, I’ve been scouring online for the best back to school deals. My goal is to shop from home so I can maximize my last few remaining days of summer. I’ve been impressed by how easy online shopping has been, and by how much money I can save using online retailers for nearly everything! I’m staying within our family budget, and my experience reminds me that online shopping continues to get easier and easier.

Here are some of the major back to school deals I found that you should grab right now!

Back to school deals: uniforms

As much as I adore individuality, I have always loved the idea of school uniforms. My own kids don’t need one; they have a dress code at their school, but I find dress codes far more difficult to deal with than a uniform. Uniforms are so wonderfully simple, and for a parent this can be a huge money saver. When sticking to a uniform, there’s little to zero worrying about owning the right brands or having the latest styles every day.

For those of you who fall into the school uniform category, here’s where to get the best deals and coupons right now:

Back to school deals: clothing

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Okay, so even if school uniforms are the mandate, you know your child will need at least a few new clothing items for the school year. Personally, I try to keep my kids’ closets loaded on basics — like t-shirts and jeans and then splurge for a cute new pair of boots or a good coat. Right now is a great time to catch all the summer clearance sales, plus you can get in on some back to school deals at these retailers:

Back to school deals: accessories

Ah, yes, accessories are also a big part of our back to school routine. Inevitably backpacks and lunch boxes are destroyed from the previous year and must be replaced. Of course, as the proud parent of a female tween, there’s also a revived interest in earrings, necklaces, and other assorted items deemed essential by girls of this age.

Here are my favorite coupons for these items:

 Back to school deals: the supplies

School Supplies

Finally, there are the basic supplies needed for school. Our schools have moved toward  pre-ordered fund-raising supply kits. Every year I struggle with this because I know I can save more money by finding back to school deals rather than by ordering these kits, but I feel pressured into ordering for the fund-raising aspect. It’s also a pity because these kits always leave something essential out by accident.

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for good sales and here’s what I found:

Heading back to school creates quite a frenzy of activity for my household and a slight bit of trepidation. However, with these major back to school deals I know that worrying about the budget isn’t one of our concerns!

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