We’ve covered Valentine’s Day a time or two on our frugal lifestyle blog. In fact, you can read posts here or here for tips on great gifts or a fast and easy Valentine’s Day treat. This time, however, we’re going to dive into the actual Valentine’s Day date. It can be tricky. After all, too much effort starts to feel stagey or forced, but doing nothing feels false too. There is a happy medium, an art if you will, to planning a near-perfect Valentine’s Day date and the best part is that it can be very budget friendly.

So, if the thought of planning something special makes you shudder or get all clammed up, we’ve got 3 frugal (not cheap) dates for Valentine’s Day that are sure to sweep you and your special someone right off your feet:

Valentine’s Day Date 1: Breakfast


Since Valentine’s Day dates tend to revolve around food, how lucky is it that this year the 14th is a Sunday? That means that a Valentine’s Day brunch makes perfect sense and cost a fraction of what dinner does. Even better? Tackle a fancy brunch recipe from scratch and save yourself even more money. Make your Valentine his or her favorite breakfast dish and wow them with a simple but elegant date.

Valentine’s Date 2: Local Music


As many college students know, local music shows can be some of the cheapest ways date nights available. Often as we get older we forget how great these opportunities are to hear talented musicians play for very little charge. Whether your Valentine’s Day date likes Indie, Country, or rock you can usually scour the local music scene and find a few gigs available. For those who prefer their music more refined, check local colleges and community centers for free or reduced prices on jazz ensembles and symphonies. Though the price is right for a budget date, live music is big on entertainment and emotional impact. Bonus points if you discover a whole new musician or band to fall in love with too!

Valentine’s Date 3: Stargazing


Possible the cheapest, most romantic date ever is to simply sit and look at stars together. Looking up at the enormous expanse of the night sky one can’t help but feel in awe and a little more intimate with the person sharing the moment. Spend a wee bit of time researching star constellations and your Valentine’s Day date will be even more impressed. Classic, easy, and completely free this is one Valentine’s Day date that can score big points with no money needed!

These 3 frugal (but not cheap!) Valentine’s Day dates are a great way to kickstart a new romance, rekindle a long running one or can even be tweaked to just spend time with a dear friend.  And with all the savings spent on the date itself, wouldn’t it be even better to show up with a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift in hand too? Yes, yes it would! So here’s the best coupons available for all your Valentine’s Day needs.





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