Although September is just around the corner, fall still feels really far away. I know plenty of friends who lament the Labor Day Weekend because it marks the end of summer. For me, it means we are marching closer to football, tall boots and fuzzy sweaters.

Right now, however, my air conditioner remains on and all of my enjoyment of fall is in my head. So what’a a gal to do? I say it’s time to get a jumpstart on fall! Granted there are no leaves chaining colors yet, but there are small ways I can enjoy this season just around the corner.

Here are 3 free ways to celebrate fall (before it’s here!)

Have a fall fashion show in your closet


You know what’s fantastic about fall? Boots, sweaters, jackets, tweed, and general fluffy and cozy material that you want to swaddle yourself in all day. Goodbye tiny sundresses and too much skin, and hello comfortable layering.

The catalogues have been pouring in for weeks, showing me just what to wear when fall finally arrives. And I love ALL of it, which I simply cannot afford. So before I head out to the mall (or click away on my computer), I need a game plan. What fall items do I already own and how can I update them rather than buying a whole new wardrobe? Time for a fashion show.

Fashion shows are always more fun with people so I either grab a child or a willing friend and start tearing up the closet. It’s amazing what I find in there, and by the time I am done, my list of fall “needs” is far smaller than I originally thought. This fashion show is so effective I generally make the kids do it too. Not only do I keep the budget in tact, but everyone feels well prepared for fall by the end.

Then it’s just a matter of finding the missing pieces at the best prices. My favorite coupons for this currently: Macy’s, Delia’s,  and Alloy.

Find a football game


Guess what else just screams fall to me? Football! Pro football begins September 4th, and college ball is already underway. In fact, college football started earlier than ever in 2014 because so many people are ready for it before Labor Day ( according to this post in USA today). Guess I’m not the only one ready to bring fall in a little early this year.

Granted, most pro games and college games cost money to attend, but you can always watch a good game on television for free. Just add some friends and a pot luck dinner and you have a full on party that really feels like fall.

Another fantastic, though not free, option is to catch a local high school game. Although it may sound strange, high school football games are a lot of fun. The energy at these games is usually very high and you’re supporting your community when you go.

Plan a fall outing

Fall may truly be the BEST time for many family activities. The weather is usually cooperative, the trees are stunning, and there are so many opportunities for free or very frugal fall family outings. So, crank the air conditioner to make things a little cooler, grab a hot cocoa and start mapping out some ways to get out there over the fall weekends. I promise, it will take the edge off waiting for fall when you have a few things on the calendar!

Here are a few of our favorites from the past. And some bigger destinations for fall.

How about you? Are you eagerly awaiting the change of season or prolonging the last of summer for as long as possible? Have any suggestions to add to our 3 free ways to celebrate fall? Share them on our Facebook page or Twitter!