Father’s Day – A Father’s Care

A Father's Care (Pic)

A father is so much more than the paterfamilias. As Reed Markham states, “A child looks up at the stars and wonders. Great fathers put a child on his shoulders and help them to grab a star.”

This year, why not make the dad the star on Father’s Day? After all, he is the man setting the pace for the family by being a fearless leader, goal setter, and all around fixer of things that break. Here are three easy and inexpensive gifts for Father’s Day to show dad how much you appreciate and value him.

1. Support His Hobby

We previously suggested the same thing for mom in this post. This time, try to plan an outing with dad doing something he enjoys. Grab you gear to go fishing, golfing or camping perhaps.

Little ones too small to tag along? Let them give dad a lure, golf balls or new water bottle for his hobby. Then, carve out a couple hours for him to steal away and enjoy using his new gift.

Bonus tip – if dad doesn’t have a particular hobby, try a good old fashioned nap!

2. Sweeten Him Up

Very few dads can resist a delicious dessert. Let the kids pick a special treat and help them make it for him. Other easy and inexpensive ideas include sugar cookies in the shape of ties,  a jar of Hershey’s Hugs,  or even a box of Donuts for Dad.

If you have a true foodie, order an incredible, unforgettable gourmet sweet from an online source like Dancing Deer Baking Co.  Their assortment of options is sure to hit the spot and be one of his favorite gifts for Father’s Day.

3. Make it Memorable

Dads, like moms, also enjoy the sentimental. Print out a Father’s Day questionnaire (like this one) and have your dad fill in the answers. Not only will he appreciate it on Father’s Day, but in the years to come as well.

If dad works in an office, give him something he can look at when he needs a mental break from the grind of his work week. Grab a couple of mini canvases and let your budding Picassos make an original work of art.

Unique, interesting pictures are another great option. Even older kids can get into the fun with a little creativity (like this example).

Though dad often gets pegged as being hard to shop for, these easy ideas are sure to warm his heart and remind him how much he is loved. The thought and care you put into his gifts this Father’s Day will no doubt show just what he means to you, so have fun and make it memorable! After all, as Lydia Maria Francis Child said, “Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father.”