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Right about now, we’re getting a little stir crazy? How about you? Maybe it’s time for a quick getaway.Late January into early March can start to get to feel long for frugal families. Well, those weeks can feel long for just about anyone, but budget conscious households get particularly limited with limited access to the outdoors. Here are some of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues – for FREE no less. If that’s not quite enough to pull you out of a winter rut, try these budget-friendly options for a quick and easy  3-day winter getaway. Who says you need a full week? We promise, these short trips work wonders for getting the whole family reset until spring.

Week-day Road Trip

Chances are you live near a major city or scenic area you haven’t fully explored yet. Look for anything within a 3-5 hour drive from where you live (here are some top suggestions if you are stuck). Pack road games and get ready for some bonding during the drive. Grab a paper map and let the kids track your adventure. Allow time for a leisurely drive so impromptu stops can be made too.

Take advantage of the light traffic and cheaper rates that you can find by traveling mid-week rather than on the weekends. Pick a couple of highlights – scenic opportunities, museum or cultural exposure, and a couple of new food experiences. Piece them together and you have a full, but manageable short trip.

Last Minute Cruise

Everyone knows that last minute cruises can mean incredible experiences without sacrificing quality. By limiting the length of time to 3 days, they can become downright frugal ways to travel as a family! The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Bermuda suddenly become more affordable and are guaranteed to be memorable.

Another money saving tip – think about your excursions carefully. You can always look for ways to book similar experiences without going through the cruise line, which will save you money. You can also book trips where the time spent onshore doesn’t even require any special excursions; the environment itself is enough.

Visit A National Park

Even in cold weather, many National Parks remain open year-round. Look for deals on cabins, chateaus or hotels nearby and enjoy the natural beauty of your state. Since the parks tend to be less crowded, many visitors find winter their favorite time to enjoy them. Many of the parks offer winter activities that keep the whole family entertained and views are often unobstructed, providing a whole new perspective for guests.

Here are some of the prettiest parks to see during the winter.

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