May is the 2nd busiest month of the year in our household, just barely less frantic than December. Of course, the school year winds down and we are buying teacher gifts, graduation gifts and thank-yous for coaches and helpers in every other activity. Mother’s Day is in the middle, which means finding gifts for (gratefully) both grandmothers and dropping hints to my own family about what they could give me. We’re considering a small remodel on our kitchen, which means I’ve been scouring prices on appliances lately. Finally, we are going out of town for Memorial Day so there’s about a million last minute things we need to buy for that trip.

The good news? May is a budget girl’s dream month for buying everything. May is loaded with incentives and discounts on a wide variety of products and with Memorial Day sales, I might just find the lowest prices possible since Black Friday. It’s also loaded with opportunities to grab great gifts for graduations, weddings, and my own household. Since I’ve done most of the scouting early, here are my suggestions for the 3 products with the best discounts in May.

May Discounts #1: Kitchen Goods


Granted, hopping right out and buying a new fridge may not be in everyone’s budget right now. However, May truly is one the best times to go for it and get a new, big ticket appliance like a refrigerator. I’ve been spending time on HomeClick lately, where you can find great prices plus free shipping on certain models right now. Not in the market for a fridge? No problem – May is also the perfect time to grab kitchen accessories and cook wear, which also make great wedding or graduation gifts.

May Discounts #2: Office Supplies

home office

The last thing a new graduate wants to consider is all the supplies he might need in college or after college. However, May is the right time to get deep discounts on office supplies. Everything from ink cartridges to paper will be on sale this month so load up and give it to your graduate as an unexpected starter kit. Or just grab a few things and incorporate them into a clever money gift too. The same gift giving idea could work for teachers as well; they are notorious for spending their own hard-earned dollars on extra supplies for the classroom.

May Discounts #3: Mattresses

Since we just purchased a new mattress over Christmas, I’m already kicking myself for not having waited on this one. Mattress stores are getting ready to have new inventory soon, which means that the olds ones are selling for bargain prices this month. **Bonus tip – check the back of the store for the best priced sets!

Bonus May Deals: Online Shopping

Again, since Memorial Day sneaks in at the end of the month, there will be huge savings all over. Some of the best bonus buys for May include patio furniture, laptops, and discounted apparel (think clearance + additional dollars off). Also be on the lookout for great deals on entertainment such as movie passes, water parks, restaurants, etc. May is a fantastic month to plan a cheap date night out.

So, while May is an incredibly busy time for many households and holds lots of gift giving opportunities, it’s also prime shopping time for the savvy buyer. Even if you don’t need any of my suggested 3 best things to buy in May, don’t forget to watch for those Memorial Day specials to help you kick start summer.