I am not consistent with many things (cleaning, healthy eating, etc) and beauty routines are no different. I tend to get excited about something and try it for a few days, possibly a whole week and then I forget all about it and return to my lazy ways. I just can’t commit to routines that take longer than 10 minutes. Beauty products are no different.

I see adorable younger girls barefaced, their hair tucked messily on top of their heads and dressed in work-out gear. It reads “cute and not trying to hard.” There is a certain, ahem, age where this type of behavior no longer works.  What looks relaxed and natural on youth looks more like “I’m tired and I just didn’t try” for me these days.

So, how do I combat my stubborn resistance to a solid skincare and grooming routine? Well, I’ve decided that picking out the right beauty products is a good start. With the right beauty buys I don’t have to spend a lot of time in from of the mirror. Beauty products have become easier and more amazing than ever, which lets me off the hook in terms of time and effort.

Let’s not forget that I also have a budget (always) and can’t afford to overspend on products that will only gather dust. In a similar situation? Well, here are 3 beauty buys worth every penny.

Beauty Product #1: easy makeup


Oh, thank goodness for bareMinerals and their genius beauty products. No guesswork, no chemicals and in 5 minutes I can smooth lines, even my skin tone, and look well-rested (even if I don’t feel it). Even better, the new Up Close and Beautiful Kit is a starter version of the primer, foundation, and concealer so I can spend very little to be sure I will use it for the long haul.

Beauty Product #2: excellent moisturizer


All aestheticians, dermatologists, and magazines harp on two things over and over: moisturize and protect your skin from the sun. Very annoying, but as I get older I see why this is so crucial. After much research, I’ve found the reviews for Yves Rocher’s Anti-Age Global are incredible: lovely scent, weight, results, and value for the price.  Just give me a month and I will report on how youthful I look.

Beauty Product #3: a signature scent


I know it’s not something to put on my face, but I strongly believe that smelling good is an important part of a solid beauty routine. It immediately signals that you took put extra thought into being ready when really it just takes seconds. Plus, with all the scents available it’s wonderful to find 1-2 fragrances that you feel embody your personality. And hey, who knows how old or young you are based on how you smell!

Those are my 3 choices for best beauty products. These are beauty products where you simply can’t go wrong in terms of quality and price. Even better, here’s where to get great deals on them too:

For coupons on makeup try Ulta or Beauty.com 

For coupons on YvesRocher 

For coupons on perfume try Perfume.com or Fragrance.net