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Family Fun Night

Few things bring the family together like a Family Fun Night does. It is a time where the family can spend quality time together while creating fun memories along the way. For many families, it can be easy to become busy throughout the week due to work schedules and responsibilities. Also, in the age where technology seems to distract kids from actively being involved, family fun nights are exactly what is needed to bring families together. Here are a few ideas on how you can spice up family time to create wonderful memories.

Play a Board Game Together

One of the best ways of bonding with family is to play board games together. It is such a fun tradition that many families have. Board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and 30 Seconds, among many others, require participants to think on their feet and make decisions that will influence their chances of winning. You can add a wager for the winner to add that tiny bit of competitive spirit. You can get the best deals on board games by clicking this link.

Hold a Movie Night

Watching movies with loved ones is such a great way to bond. Family members can take turns deciding what movies to watch. Or even the winner of the previous board game night may get that power. When that’s decided, gather some snacks, pillows, and blankets, and put all phones away. After the movie, you can have a fun discussion discussing the themes & characters. A great way to spark a fun family conversation. You can get some great movie deals by clicking this link.

Cook a Meal Together

This is a great idea because not only are you spending quality time with your family; you are teaching & learning how to cook. You can spice it up by trying dishes that none of you have had before. You can keep everyone involved by sharing duties. This is something that will definitely create some special memories for the family. You can get some amazing deals on ingredients by viewing this page.

Play Outdoor Sports Together

Doing something active together is a good way to bond as a family. You can play basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball, among many others. Playing these games is fun, and doing it with the ones you love is even more so. It’s also a great way to take your eyes away from the phone screens, computer screens, tv screens, and tablet screens. Find some interesting outdoor items at a discount here.

Hold an Art Night

It’s advisable to explore our creative sides to know our talents. This serves as a fun opportunity to bond with the family and try out different things. It could be from painting to drawing, poetry, music, and even comedy. You never know; you may have a star in your family. Click here to see some great deals on art.


Board games aren’t the only games that can be played on Family Night. There are card games, video games, charades, among many others. All these are fun ways of spending happy times with your family. Not many things beat competing against those you love. Click here for some great deals on games.

2022 Fitness Trends To Start The New Year Off Right

We are in the year 2022! As we all know, this presents us with an opportunity to have a fresh fitness start. For many, this year is all about improving mental and physical well-being by getting healthy while having fun. 

The fitness landscape is changing, which means how you reach your goals can get an upgrade. Whether you’re trying to lose weight healthily or incorporate a more holistic mindset into your workouts, we’ve compiled some 2022 fitness trends that are sure to transform your outlook on exercise—for the better. 

Low-Impact Training

2021 taught us that fitness is not one-size-fits-all, and from this emerged a movement of fitness gurus and trainers focusing on low-impact exercise designed to work up a sweat without putting stress on your joints. 

Research has suggested that low-impact, moderate-intensity workouts such as pilates or walking can have just as many health benefits, like lowering the risk of heart disease, as high-intensity exercises such as running

Mind, Body, & Soul

Last year also taught us that you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym 24/7 just to be healthy, and it might serve you more to take a step away from calorie-counting to focus on moving your body in a way that makes you feel good. 

So, let’s make sure that exercise and health aren’t just another chore. Let’s celebrate life in everything! Of course, we feel more like celebrating when we are dressed for the occasion, so be sure to check out FirmAbs and their new sportswear collections to rock your fitness routine in style and boost your confidence in the new year!

Fitness Gaming

Speaking of having fun, it seems like your typical gym workout is getting a feel-good makeover as well. Something is exciting about exercising our inner competitor. The fitness gaming industry has made sure to find enjoyable ways to challenge us physically while satiating the olympian inside us all. 

Games like Just Dance or Nintendo Fitness Boxing let you play in virtual reality while helping you sneak in some cardio in the comfort of your own home by yourself or with your friends. 

Choose Your Adventure

With the shake-up our planet has experienced in the past few years, rising concern for protecting the environment has allowed fitness somehow to intertwine itself with the field of community science. 

If you fancy yourself an environmentalist, there are ways you can incorporate saving the planet with your workout. Programs such as plant conservation group Budburst, or bird-watching program, e-Bird, lets you collect data that could contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

Even if you don’t become a community scientist, immersing yourself in the wonder of nature can do worlds of good for your mental and physical health. 

This year, let’s start off right and focus on healthy realistic fitness goals. With Select Aware, you can do that while also working on that other New Year Resolution: saving money!

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