We’ve spent years planning frugally, creating Excel spreadsheets for finances, and trying every money saving tip we could get our hands on. We don’t say this to brag, it simply means we have a lot of experience and data to draw on now. That’s why we can safely say our best budget hack has been to simply do more outdoors.

Granted, there are many opportunities to spend money on outdoor adventures. However, you also don’t have to spend a dime. If you own a pair of decent shoes, you can literally walk outside just about anywhere. While this was once something we took for granted, the pandemic of the past year has made us appreciate every single chance we’ve had to get out of the house.

As things begin to open up more, we find our love for the outdoors has only grown. Yes, we look forward to dining at our favorite restaurants again, but what we are already planning are more outdoor activities.

Here’s why we plan to shop Craghoppers for our adventures.

Craghoppers Provides Quality Items

If you are new to outdoor adventures, perhaps you can borrow items from a buddy or pick up some gear second-hand. If those are not options, don’t buy something cheaply made just because it saves you money! Buying an inexpensive swimsuit that you plan to lay out in all summer is probably fine. Dealing with blisters after hiking, leaks in flimsy tents, or roasting in clothing that is not breathable is misery. Trust us on this. You’ll probably wind up buying the nicer item anyway, and that means your original purchase is wasted money.

Quality outdoor gear should last you years, not a single season. Craghoppers has already stood the test of time, providing first-rate clothing and accessories since 1965. The company’s clothing has a reputation for strong, durable fabrics that will outlast most other brands. For example, their pants are even Guaranteed for Life!

Craghoppers Practices Sustainability

Another reason we support Craghoppers is because they support our environment. They take care to practice sustainability without compromising on technology or comfort. We were even more excited to read on the site, “Sustainability has always been at our core, but from last fall 70% of our products are made from ALL RECYCLED MATERIALS.” In our opinion, that’s a truly solid commitment to keeping our planet in mind.

Other ways the company puts this into practice:

  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • Bluesign System Partner
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • No Animal Products
  • Reducing Packaging by 50%

As a family who has fallen head over heels for the great outdoors, we are thrilled to find Craghoppers for our clothing and accessory needs. It took us mere minutes to realize that the prices of products is not cheap but incredibly fair given the quality and sustainability efforts of the company. For us, saving the world is far more important than saving a few dollars. That’s why we especially proud to offer these incredible Craghoppers coupons!