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Valentine’s Day Guide For Those Together (In The Midst of a Pandemic)

Have you spent the last 11 months working side by side at the kitchen table with your sweetie? Wondering how in the world you are going to going to make Valentine’s Day special when you’ve already had SO MUCH time together?

We understand. Normally, we are huge fans of the Netflix and chill Valentine’s Day date, but let’s be honest – haven’t we been doing that almost every single night for eons now?

Still, we enjoy the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, we created a guide for those who have been around each other way more than normal this year. For those of you apart, we have this guide instead.

Create Your Own Spa Experience

hand massager

Granted, this requires a buy in from both parties, but why not create a spa-like experience at home? After all, it just requires the right ingredients: candles, music, massage, and some extra pampering.

If your partner tends to skimp when it’s their turn to give a massage, go ahead and order a hand massager, like the one above from Relax The Back. We promise, it’s worth it!

Enjoy A Concert

man at concert

One of the hardest things to give up over the past year has been live entertainment. Thankfully, musical artists are still hosting online concerts and events that we can participate in from home.

You can view Billboard’s livestream event lineup here. It may require some flexibility as your favorite option may not line up with Valentine’s Day…but hey, we’ve all learned to be flexible these days!

Since the cost of the evening will be far less than a live show, give your Valentine a new set of headphones as well. Though he or she may not use them for the livestream, it could help keep the peace when you’re both back at work on Zoom the next day.

Try Something New

A huge challenge of the pandemic is that all novelty seems gone. But it isn’t true! We promise, there are many things that you haven’t tried yet. You can try a new recipe, new cocktail, new movie, new dance move, new dessert, new Tik Tok trend.

Have you tried a scavenger hunt in your home? Watched the sunrise together? Done a blind taste test? The list is endless once you get started.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what it is, just go for it with gusto and with your partner. After all, it’s the novelty of the experience that will keep you close.

If all of this feels overwhelming, we understand that too. That’s why we also believe you can’t go wrong with chocolate, flowers, or jewelry this year either! Here are some of our best Valentine’s Day deals and coupons to help make it a little bit easier to buy something lovely without spending a fortune.

Valentine’s Day Guide – For Those Apart (In The Midst of A Pandemic)

Holidays in the pandemic: causing us both joy at something different to celebrate and anxiety at the amount of work it will take to do so. Is there any chance Valentine’s Day can be different?

We know we aren’t alone in our pandemic exhaustion. Yet, here we are with another holiday around the corner, meaning we have to take extra time to consider how we plan to celebrate it, especially if hopping on a plane to show up in person is no longer an option.

If you already know what you plan to get or do this year, be sure to take advantage of our Valentine’s Day discounts and coupon codes to ease the burden on your budget. For everyone else who’s struggling to figure out how to make this Valentine’s feel more special than strange, here are a few ideas.

For The Valentines Who Are Apart

If you’re not living with or poding up with your valentine this year, it’s going to require some extra creativity to make a date or at least to deliver something special. Some ideas:

Make a playlist – Back in the days before Apple and Spotify, people made mix tapes for each other. It was a sign of how much you liked someone to take the time to create a musical selection with their listening preferences in mind. Make one for your sweetie and maybe even plan a Facetime session where you can enjoy it together.

Cook together – What is more romantic than cooking together? Sure, you might be in separate spaces, maybe even separate states but that doesn’t mean you can’t share time cooking. Or give the gift of an elegant cooking utensil, along with doing an online cooking class at the same time via Sur La Table.

Catch a sunrise or sunset – virtually – How about capturing the sunrise or sunset with each other? The beauty of this idea isn’t just in the event itself, though Mother Nature rarely disappoints, but in the planning. Pick one that fits both schedules and then admire the view together.

Send a care package – Go ahead and load up on the Valentine tried and true favorites – chocolate, wine, and cheese and have it delivered it to your valentine. Of course, we are big fans of the gift baskets too, where you can simply choose from your favorite options and rest assured that the best items have already been carefully selected.

Let’s be clear – most of us would prefer to spend Valentine’s in-person with the ones we love. But if that’s not possible, then these ideas can go along way towards creating a special memory. Even better – these aren’t just for lovers – use any of the above ideas to celebrate Galentines too!

How will you celebrate this year? Share your ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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