Since the ’70s, clogs have been a popular and staple shoe for many, especially women. If you are on the younger side of the generation you probably don’t know or have not heard of the famous work shoe; the clogs. Since styles and trends change every season, the clogs have not made a comeback. This year, more and more people have started wearing them again. Not only in the older generation but the younger generation as well. But what is a clog and what is its purpose? Many find the clog to be an acquired taste as some people also do not find the design to be attractive.

Clogs are known to be easy and accessible due to the reason that you can just slip them on because of the open back design. Traditionally, a clog is made out of a leather top and wooden soles. Clogs were originally inspired by dutch shoes with a slightly upturned and rounded design. But since it is used for many different reasons and due to modernization, clogs were invented. Designs such as a rubber sole, a slip-resistant sole, a rubber outsole, or clogs with memory foam are also available in the market today.

Because clogs are modernized to fit today’s styles, there are so many types that are designed not only as work shoes, but also worn for arch support, slip resistance, or even just for comfort and even style. Clogs have a very simple design but have different styles such as:

  • Classic Strapless Clogs – These clogs have an open back and a simple heel. They do not come with a strap which helps in slipping their foot in comfortably.
  • Boot Clogs – Boot clogs have the look of a boot due to its ankle-high uppers but the feel of a clog due to the wooden sole. Many use these kind of clogs during the winter.
  • Wedge Clogs -The Wedge clogs are not only for work but also for style! This style is the most popular with women. Not only is this a comfortable work shoe, it is also a walking shoe that will keep your feet stylish but also comfortable for long hours during work.
  • Strappy Clogs – Another favorite women s shoes, that have a silhouette of a clog but the style of a heel. These are the best shoes to wear for comfort; an open toe design to help your feet all day with being exposed.
  • Clog Sandals – The same silhouette from a clog but an absolute great summer shoe amazing for walking. An everyday comfort shoe that will keep your feet dry during the summer!
  • Clog Shoes – The most traditional among all the clogs, the clog shoe is the typical shoes with lacing and a flat base. Their wooden soles and leather uppers are easy to clean and have high quality. This is the most recommended clog as it is a clog fit for both men or women

The Best Clogs and Where to Buy Them

Clogs are everywhere! Now that they’re in style this season, everyone wants a pair for themselves. So many styles in different materials depending on purpose and preference, we totally understand how you would feel overwhelmed! Not only that, buying comfortable clogs for work might a bit pricey. There are many sites that offer coupon codes, but most if not all are just a scam and don’t actually work. Luckily, we have here a list of our best clog shoes picks and where to buy them as well as our recommended site to get the best coupons! With Select Aware, you can get so many discounts and coupon codes from your favorite online stores such as Born Shoes,, and Korkease!

Born Shoes

  1. The Avoca – Available in plain black, brown, and a gorgeous navy blue, the Avoca is a classic strapless clog made with full-grain leather or wool upper and a rubber outsole. This clog is great as work shoes as it will keep your feet from any exposure.
  2. The Bandy – Another classic strapless clog, the Bandy comes in 4 colors: black, brown, gray and a lighter shade of brown! This clog has a soft hand-finished textured leather upper and has a breathable soft fabric suede lining.
  3. The Toby Duo – The Toby Duo is a non-slip clog that will surely be great or walking. Its high traction flexible light-weighted rubber outsole is great for slippery surfaces.
  4. The Bandy – This clog is definitely a show stopper! With a beautiful woven hand-dyed fabric in a gorgeous tribal pattern, this clog is comfortable but also really great for outfits that are simple.
  5. The Bailie – Another style stopper, the Bailie has a very earthy and natural look brought by the gorgeous tribal patterns. The best thing is that it fits in more outfits due to the earth tones in this pair!


  1. The Niseda – A Korkease fall favorite, the Niseda is a clog with an oxford silhouette. It is offered in full-grain leather or a combination of leather depending on your preference and comes in a sleek black and brown color.
  2. The Para – The Para is a modern-day classic slip-on clog that is completely wrapped in leather for a contemporary sleek look awesome for everyday wear.
  3. The Sagano – Want a little height to your work clogs? Wear the Sagano for a little bit of flair into your outfit! Comes in so many colors and designs such as black, gray, camel, brown, and a fierce giraffe pattern.

  1. Birkenstock Buckley Moc Toe Clog – A classic clog brand, the Birkenstock Moc Toe Clog is a classic leather clog that will definitely last long due to its amazing quality.
  2. Easy Spirit Traveltime Slip-on – Built for women, this clog is great for exercising! If you want a clog that is a great alternative to running shoes, this is for you!
  3. Crocs Classic Clog – Another modern day clog classic, the crocs classic clog is good worn for any age, as well as any kind of work. They come in hundreds of colors and the privilege of customizing your very own pair with jibits!
  4. Dansko Professional Clog – Professionalism means having a pair of comfortable shoes that will last you long shifts during work. With this clog, you will definitely look professional and comfy at the same time
  5. Skechers D’lites Bright Sky Sneaker Clog – another running shoe alternative, these clogs are definitely a crowd favorite. With its slip resistant sole, your will surely enjoy jogging in comfort.

These are our absolute favorite clog picks this season. But, if you are still hesitant to purchase a pair and can’t pick, here are more clogs that we think you would still enjoy:

  1. Dansko Brenna Closed Back Clog
  2. Dansko Patti Clog
  3. SAS Clog
  4. Dansko Abbie Clog
  5. Naot Lodos Clog
  6. Dansko LT Pro Closed Back Clog
  7. Crocs Kids Classic Clog

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