Granite is a natural stone that is commonly used as floor or wall tiles or even as countertops. Granite countertops are of high quality and are something worth it to invest in. It is scratch-resistant and really heavy duty and robust. It will take a really long time before it shows some wear and tear. Granite is also heat resistant making it a good option as a kitchen countertop because it is safe near a range or a cooktop or with hot dishes. It is also fairly resistant to any stains.

Aside from its strengths in its attributes. It is also visually appealing. The natural appeal of granite is unlike any other, especially when compared to common slabs. It has a wonderful texture and there are beautiful hues to choose from. Granite countertops can easily complete any home. It can effortlessly complement any design you’re going for. Whether it’s contemporary, modern, or even something more natural, etc.

Because of its quality and appeal, granite can easily boost a home’s value. This will come in handy if you end up selling your house in the future. You don’t have to worry about having to fix damages or cover up to wear and tear on your countertops because most likely your granite countertops won’t have any. A lot of home buyers also prefer granite counter giving your house a boost above others.

Granite is also fairly priced. It’s not as expensive as other natural stone materials. It can also be more affordable when bought in the right place. What makes it worth your money is because you can consider it as an investment. People think they’re saving money with a laminated counter but they’re actually spending more because while your granite lasts the next 30+ years, other people replace or have their laminated counters repaired at least 3 times already.

If you have a granite countertop or planning to have one installed, it is extremely helpful and important that you know how to clean your granite.

  1. Sealing the countertop can maintain its quality.
  2. Make sure that your granite countertop is sealed correctly so that it does not absorb any liquid that can cause stains like wine, juice, or oil.
  3. The sealant can wear off over time and it is important that you reseal your countertop.
  4. Although granite counters are really durable, make sure you don’t drop anything heavy on your countertop. Applying too much weight on one spot can cause granite countertops to crack or break because unlike other countertops, granite countertops are very hard but not flexible.
  5. Use a mild solution of water and soap for cleaning it will remove dirt and grime.
  6. Avoid spilling acidic substances on granite countertops like tomato juice, coffee, or wine.
  7. If you do spill any acidic substance make sure to clean it up immediately.
  8. Blot put spills with a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth.
  9. You can also use a soft sponge to clean your granite countertop.
  10. Do not brush your granite countertop or use anything with rough or abrasive surfaces.
  11. Do not clean your countertop with lemon juice, oils, vinegar, or anything acidic.
  12. Don’t use cleaners with ammonia or bleach on granite countertops.
  13. If you need help with deep cleaning or you need to repair your countertop, don’t be hesitant to call an expert that provides professional repair and cleaning.
  14. Avoid keeping creams and lotions on your granite countertop. It is less threatening compared to acidic substances but it is still possible for it to stain granite.
  15. Granite is heat resistant but it is advisable to still use trivet pads and mats or hot pads for your pots and pans just for maintenance.
  16. Use coasters under glasses, bottles, and cans. Granite won’t etch especially if it is sealed. This is also just a good practice for countertop maintenance.
  17. Use a cutting board when chopping food. Using a cutting board also just to avoid anything that can harm your granite countertop. Even it won’t harm your countertop, cutting on granite can dull or damage your knives.
  18. Invest in a good granite cleaner. A quality cleaner can effectively clean or disinfect and protect your granite countertops.
  19. Every once in a while remove or move aside all the items on your countertop so that you can clean the entire surface. by doing this, you will be able to remove dust, debris, hidden dirt, or gunk the collect around your stuff like containers or appliances, etc.
  20. You can use a stone polish to keep your granite brand new looking. This can remove fingerprints or anything that you can’t remove during routine cleaning.

Best granite slabs for granite countertops:

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Granite has its advantages but it also has its share of disadvantages. Knowing both the advantages and disadvantages can help you decide what slab to get for your countertops.

Here are 5 disadvantages known to granite.

  1. It has to be sealed. And the seal may wear out eventually so it has to be sealed again.
  2. Has to be installed and repaired professionally. This is to keep the warranty on your granite. Also, granite can also be very heavy.
  3. A lot of people use granite now making it very common. If uniqueness is a factor you take in this is something to think about
  4. It can be cracked or chipped if hit or struck by something really heavy. This isn’t that much of a deal-breaker since this happens rarely.
  5. Granite can be expensive for most people. It is on the higher end of the scale.

Compared to the advantages. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. But if you’re still not convinced there are other materials to choose from.

Other natural stone slabs to choose from:

  • Quartz can be an alternative to granite and marble but also has the restrictions granite and marble has.
  • Porcelain slabs can look like granite, marble, wood, linen, or just about any other natural material you could want with none of the care requirements, maintenance issues, and usage restrictions.
  • Marble is a timeless choice for any home because of its appeal and effect to make any house look more beautiful or luxe. However, despite its appearance marble is porous and it is high maintenance.
  • Quartzite is very durable and easy to take care of. It can also look like marble but without its high care requirements.
  • Dolomite has the appearance of marble but it has the durability of granite. It is also easy to clean, relatively affordable, and inexpensive.

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