Working women are so well versed in the world of stilettos and blocked shoes as their staple wear to the office. It’s always nice to be a little “taller” in the office, let’s just say it’s attractive and perhaps empowering and to add a little polish to your ensemble. But nowadays, there are more and more office workers who have learned the art of wearing flats. Fabulous flats wardrobe come in handy and as long as you know the dos and don’ts in wearing women’s flats, you are in for an adventure in the fancy and comfy world of flats

1. Rock a pair of work flats with your ankle-length gown 

Fashion does not need to be painful. This is what those who have tried wearing ankle-length gowns and flats have proven. There are office events that you can attend sans painful stilettos. Half gowns can be partnered with the pointy toe including open to slip-on flats. Let your fashion do the talking.

2. Feel free to wear sparkly toe flats to work

If you’re hesitant that flat shoes would only make your office clothes dull and casual, find a sparkly pair of flats to work every day. They’re flashy and shimmering and it makes those who see them happy and you more importantly. It’s a great substitute for heels when they are days you just want to walk without the constant worry of balancing high. Wear sparkly flats with tights or legging so you can still maintain the formal side of your entire look.

3. Add in a dash of color 

Whoever came up with dress codes that are strictly heel-wearing obviously had not dealt with recurring aches and blisters women get from wearing nerve-wracking heels. Let’s overcome traditional dress standards and start wearing flats to work. You can wear any color of flats that you want and they can still end up looking professional and you, feeling the best. Ballet flats are also perfect

4. Have you joined the bandwagon of mules plus overcoat? 

If you haven’t, now is the time. People in recent years have turned to mules-wearing people.  And a lot of you are so relieved this change has happened. Mules hybrid has the best features of all the best toe flats. They can be made in pointy toe, they are made available as slippers, flip-flops and they can be formal when you pair them with the right apparel. It’s the best thing that could happen to all those going to work everyday. You can also get yourself slim or wide trousers to pair with your flats. Wide leg pants are trendy but they are more inclined to match with heels. Fitter and slim pants go very well with flats. 

5. Take advantage of pointy-toe metallic toe flats 

If you are a tower-like Karlie Kloss who is 6 feet tall, we can’t really see the reason why women s flats are not allowed everywhere. But you don’t need to be as tall as her just to be able to have the same kind of cute black metallic flats. Emulate your fashion icon’s way of wearing dresses or trousers that sweep the floor. Love your feet by choosing a fancy metallic comfortable fit of any color that you want, make them pointed toe leather shoe, and flaunt them. Are you a fan of ballet flat? The ones with fantastic colors? Go ahead and spoil your feet for once. Just don’t forget that comfort should come first.

6. Go for slip-ons pointed toe that is embroidered and pair them with a colorful coat

Whether you’re a fashion authority or not, you can try wearing embroidered and hand finished black suede flats and coats of various color. It’s not enough to settle for anything lesser than this. Be in the company of confident, hardworking people who wear women’ s flats as they rule the corporate world. Don’t be shy when some people call you as one wearing grandmother’s shoes because they are worn by fashion icons and they pair their wild flats or mule with an equally dashing black coat or dress. 

7. Sneakers and a suit? Why not!

Heels and wedges are already on their way out, sneakers are in!  Sneaks are not just one for running or walking errands anymore. You can now wear them to work as you pair them with your favorite black coats or black suit. Totally a boss lady!  You are free to have them in colors, sizes, or go for the plain white and black sneakers. Whatever is available in your closet.

8. Wear tees with flats and design your easy look with a blazer

When you are wearing black leather flats then you must know how essential is balancing one’s daily ensemble. You can work and still feel comfortable with your chosen clothes but this also means knowing what to put in like a tweed coat or a professional blazer which are available in different styles and sizes.  This look will definitely support your polished look meetings including unplanned dinner dates with your friends after work. Whether you’re wearing pointed toe flats or a comfortable, stylish suede mule style, you will still give a good and sophisticated look. Feature your fashion strengths at work.

9. Pair flat touch boots to your girly dress 

This will always be on top of our list and we know women love this too. Imagine frills, pleats, plaids in different sizes – the whole dark academia look but bring it to work. And wear shoes in various sizes that are either ankle boots, ballet flat shoe, loafer flat design, or leather combat shoes. The list goes on. You will impress your colleagues of being an old soul but “nobody-can-mess-up-with-you-vibe”. Or go preppy. Good ballet flats work wonders with a preppy-style outfit. Just add in a collared shirt and a simple short skirt, and you are ready to go to work with that Ali MacGraw look from the movie Love Story. You will see these items available in your closet if you take a closer look. It’s a little school girl if you think but if you do it appropriately you can still finish with that perfect corporate-looking doll up. Leave your socks at home. You may flash some ankle as this tip helps highlight that part of your leg. Ballet flats can highlight your ankle. Besides, most socks feel bulky in your shoe.

10. Lastly, loafers

Loafers (and don’t forget pointed toe oxfords) are still flats available on the Born Shoes website and can still give mules a run for its money. Not that they need to compete since women just need to know which flat works well with which clothing items. Find a pair of leather loafers that will give you the time of your life. It doesn’t have to be the formal-looking loafers but you can be playful and choose the cute soft ones with foam. Born Shoes is generous with their line up of flat shoes for women.  Born shoes promo codes are available on our website. Get a chance to have a free shipping coupon or discount on select styles. All rights reserved.


Wearing flats don’t have to be embarrassing or boring. They are now what most women are wearing day and night. Just be updated for the latest things you can improve on your office clothes and loafer shoes to not repeat your style again and again. Be stylish without forgetting your personality. They should still show through the manner you carry your shoes and dress. Use accessories if necessary. It can be hair accessories without going over the top or a watch or a few pieces of layered necklaces. Comfort and style!

Even during the winter, you can still opt for cropped pants and a blouse once in a while and pair them with your versatile mule or suede flat. Take advantage of Born Shoes promo codes today as they offer free shipping and a discount of up to 50% off – all rights reserved. There are days when you just want to be so simple and laid back and there are also days when you do want to look all made up.