Quarantine 15 is real! Now that gyms and fitness facilities are now open, it’s time to head back in and shed those excess pounds. In order to help you launch an effective exercise program, here’s a list of the 10 best gym equipment that experts love and you should give it a try:

(1) The TRX Suspension Trainer – great for bodyweight training, this system allows you to work on your upper and lower body while strengthening your core. Made from commercial-grade materials, ergonomic, and features textured rubber handles for a better grip during workouts. It also comes in a home gym version so you can still exercise at home without taking up too much space.

(2) Yoga Mat – it’s not just for yoga, these mats can provide a good surface for strength training and can make core and stretching exercises more comfortable. These mats vary in thickness, length, and width and even has non-slip features. Choose a mat that can meet your needs.

(3) Free weights or hand weights – a lot of people usually start their fitness journey with this piece of exercise equipment. No matter what your fitness level is, dumbbells and barbells are always nice to exercise with and you can build as you progress at the gym or at home.

(4) Resistance bands – these low cost, lightweight, and portable alternative to free weights can give you a full workout as you can easily switch between working your core, legs, and arms without changing equipment. Bonus: it’s travel-friendly!

(5) Treadmill – arguably the classic piece of exercise equipment when we think of “gym“, “fitness” but experts love it for a reason – they accommodate almost any fitness level and goal. It also gives you a workout without even trying as it mimics real-life movements of running and walking.

(6) Rowing machines – this piece of equipment doesn’t just work your arms and back, it works almost your entire body by putting it through a dynamic range of motion.

(7) Air bikes – also called fan bikes, this machine provides high-intensity workouts as you engage your upper body while pedaling, thanks to its moving handles. Air bikes are highly useful for interval training and let you train hard without straining your joints. Bonus: the harder you pedal that more cooling it gets as the front wheel of the bike is an actual fan.

(8) Foam rollers – this lightweight, cylindrical tube of compressed foam may not look like much but it sure provides a lot of benefits. Foam rolling (also known as a myofascial release) helps relieve the built-up tension in your muscles, eliminating knots and reducing soreness, and even increasing flexibility (good for yoga) by warming up your muscles. These rollers come in different sizes and degrees of firmness and are easy to use – apply as little or as much pressure on the affected area and roll away. A must-have after every workout!

(9) Elliptical machine – great for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the latest versions of this gym staple have high-tech, touchscreen consoles that display information like your heart rate, time, distance, and even calories burned so you can keep better track of your progress.

(10) Ski machine – an all-time at gyms worldwide, ski machines are great at burning calories because they engage many large muscle groups. It is also versatile as you get to work your legs, arms, and core.

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Now that you’ve decided to get back to working out or are just starting your fitness journey, please consult your medical professional to know what exercise program is right for you and that there are no underlying issues that could impact your health regimen.