**Updated 12/14/16***

Well, here we are once again post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Dare I admit that this year a few more personal gifts were purchased than usual? In fact, my Christmas list was barely touched. Ouch!  So, my budget is already out of whack and I’m not even close to being done yet. Just like last year,  I need good gifts that don’t cost a fortune and aren’t just junk. I don’t want disappointed recipients but I can’t spend much more than $10 for a lot of these. Though it sounds tough, it can be done. Hey – we did it last year after all.

So here (once again) are 10 great Christmas gifts for under $10: 

For the techies


Rogue 1 is in theaters now so why not celebrate with a gift for the Star Wars lover? Ok, so maybe an R2-D2 can cooler isn’t exactly a tech gift. Still, we think it would be a hit for both techies and non-techies alike. Plus, it’s 50% off at Think Geek right now so it’s well under the $10 limit.


Have a techie that’s a bit more organized? Then help them stay that way with these fun cable ties. Cables get crazy pretty quickly and while rubber bands and twist ties may be cheaper, these are far more entertaining. But you can snag a few for under $10, so they are perfect stocking stuffers!


Looking for a tech gift that reads more “cute” than clever? How about these $9 Modern Cleaning Cloths from Etsy? All those screens get pretty grimy after awhile, so why not clean them up in style!

For the hipsters


Let him/her still love Christmas tunes, in a very hipster way with this album from She & Him. Full of retro sounds, this one is a winner for even the most begrudging music snobs. And for only $10, it’s a win-win for all. Okay- if you bought this last year based on our recommendation, you will always win with the Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown Christmas Album.


Hipster rule #1 means never showing too much emotion about anything. Test that out though with this Meh flask  and see if you aren’t able to get a smile out of  this $7.99 gift.


Want to really impress your hipster? Grab this Beard Wax from West Coast Shaving Company and remind him that you not only support his beard, but the care it takes to keep it groomed properly.

For anyone


If you haven’t shopped Blain’s Farm and Fleet clearance section yet, you are missing out! Each day they have Daily Deals (not to mention the coupons we carry) that bring items down to bargain prices. For example, this mini essentials Igloo Tote Cooler is under $5. Talk about the perfect gift for teachers, co-workers or even high school girls!


If you’re looking for a male gift – once again Blain’s has it nailed. Why not load this SubZero water bottle up with their favorite candy? Ringing in at about $6.00 you really can’t go wrong!


Know what else to buy for that hard-to-buy someone that you don’t want to spend a fortune on? Presents for their pets! Head on over to Wag (with these coupon codes of course) and check out all the amazing toys, clothes, and accessories they have for under $10. Any true pet lover will be wowed by the gesture!

Hopefully you will find something in this list of great Christmas gifts for under $10 that works for your list too this year. Or course, at these prices you could always pick one up for yourself and not even feel guilty about it!

Need gifts that come a little larger? Be sure to check our coupons daily – from now until Christmas we will have huge discounts and deals on a wide variety of Christmas gifts and retail stores!