If you are anything like us, you are still reeling from the past two weeks. Our house has been a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts since the COVID 19 breakout really started to hit the US. Our family has changed habits, routines, and daily life in a way that we never could have predicted.

While we have always depended upon online shopping in the past, we use it now more than ever as supplies appear to be running out of physical stores. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 most important coupons we needed during these unusual times.

  1. 25% off SNAP Disinfectant from We have never spend so much time wiping down doorknobs, counters, and handrails. Thanks to this coupon we’ve been able to stay loaded up on disinfectant too.
  2. FREE SHIPPING on iRobot. Now that everyone is home all the time, we’ve also decided it was time to snag an iRobot. It’s a lifesaver with the constant flow of dogs and people coming in and out from walks these days.
  3. Free 90-Day Risk-Free Trial from Having a steady supply of fresh, clean water has helped us feel better about staying hydrated.
  4. 30% Off Select Games & Toys from Board games, puzzles, brainteasers and more have been on high rotation around the house. While we don’t like the circumstances around why we are playing more, we are enjoying the extra family time.
  5. Utrecht Clearance Center – Up to 75% Off from Utrecht. We’ve also been doing a lot more art! Thankfully, this coupon has helped us get a lot of supplies for a lot less.
  6. Find Free Activities at Discount School Supply. What could be better than someone else supplying my kids with ideas about what to do right now? From STEM activities to at-home science experiments, Discount School Supplies has been a life saver. AND FREE!
  7. Game Stop Coupons. Having two teenagers in the house, it’s all but impossible to eliminate electronics. And honestly, we feel ok about some of the screen time as it lets them connect with other peers right now.
  8. Overstock Bargains – Save up to 67% Instantly from Omaha Steaks. We noticed the meat section getting really thin in the grocery stores last time we went and got worried. Then we remembered we could order from Omaha and have amazing meat delivered straight to our door!
  9. Save Big at the Wine Outlet. A lot of our friends have been hosting wine parties or happy hours on Zoom. These little opportunities to connect have helped us stay upbeat and connected while we aren’t getting together in person.
  10. Amazon coupons. Yes, like virtually everyone else in America we are ordering almost everything else we need from Amazon.

Truly, we hope all of our fellow coupon lovers are staying well, washing hands and getting through these times safely together. This too, shall pass.

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Hi, I'm Ayse! I am a mom of three wonderful children and originally began working as a librarian. Now, I love to write! I am an avid coupon finder, deal expert, and lover of anything that can save money without compromising on quality.