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2022 Fitness Trends To Start The New Year Off Right

2022 Fitness Trends

We are in the year 2022! As we all know, this presents us with an opportunity to have a fresh fitness start. For many, this year is all about improving mental and physical well-being by getting healthy while having fun. 

The fitness landscape is changing, which means how you reach your goals can get an upgrade. Whether you’re trying to lose weight healthily or incorporate a more holistic mindset into your workouts, we’ve compiled some 2022 fitness trends that are sure to transform your outlook on exercise—for the better. 

Low-Impact Training

2021 taught us that fitness is not one-size-fits-all, and from this emerged a movement of fitness gurus and trainers focusing on low-impact exercise designed to work up a sweat without putting stress on your joints. 

Research has suggested that low-impact, moderate-intensity workouts such as pilates or walking can have just as many health benefits, like lowering the risk of heart disease, as high-intensity exercises such as running

Mind, Body, & Soul

Last year also taught us that you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym 24/7 just to be healthy, and it might serve you more to take a step away from calorie-counting to focus on moving your body in a way that makes you feel good. 

So, let’s make sure that exercise and health aren’t just another chore. Let’s celebrate life in everything! Of course, we feel more like celebrating when we are dressed for the occasion, so be sure to check out FirmAbs and their new sportswear collections to rock your fitness routine in style and boost your confidence in the new year!

Fitness Gaming

Speaking of having fun, it seems like your typical gym workout is getting a feel-good makeover as well. Something is exciting about exercising our inner competitor. The fitness gaming industry has made sure to find enjoyable ways to challenge us physically while satiating the olympian inside us all. 

Games like Just Dance or Nintendo Fitness Boxing let you play in virtual reality while helping you sneak in some cardio in the comfort of your own home by yourself or with your friends. 

Choose Your Adventure

With the shake-up our planet has experienced in the past few years, rising concern for protecting the environment has allowed fitness somehow to intertwine itself with the field of community science. 

If you fancy yourself an environmentalist, there are ways you can incorporate saving the planet with your workout. Programs such as plant conservation group Budburst, or bird-watching program, e-Bird, lets you collect data that could contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

Even if you don’t become a community scientist, immersing yourself in the wonder of nature can do worlds of good for your mental and physical health. 

This year, let’s start off right and focus on healthy realistic fitness goals. With Select Aware, you can do that while also working on that other New Year Resolution: saving money!

Yves Rocher – The Leading Brand in Natural Skincare Products and Cosmetics

In the world of skincare and cosmetics, botanical or natural skincare products are the new big thing. This is a growing business globally with more and more companies jumping on the botanical bandwagon.

The skincare and cosmetics brand Yves Rocher has been synonymous with natural beauty for over 50 years. Made with high-quality ingredients from around the world, it is organic, natural, and pure. Yves Rocher is known for high-quality natural skincare products and cosmetics, essential oils, flower essences, body care products, and more. The formulations are chemical and paraben-free and the prices are inexpensive so that you can choose from a wide range of products.

Yves Rocher offers various products such as makeup, bath and shower, skincare, haircare, body care, and perfumes. Yves Rocher has several skincare products that are suitable for both men and women with different skin types. If you are one of the many people who have problems with fine lines, sagging skin, facial wrinkles, sun damage, crow’s feet, or other skin problems ... then you can probably find an affordable solution on the website that can help. Avoid expensive surgeries and expensive medical interventions. Below are some of the brand's bestsellers.

Comforting Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

With its precious oils and anti-aging essentials, this anti-wrinkle cream provides your skin with the nutrients it urgently needs. The cream is not too thick and effectively moisturizes the skin.

Oil Control Blotting Papers

These blotting papers get rid of shiny spots on your face. Get matted complexion for a flawless result - anytime, anywhere. Purchase Oil Control Blotting Papers now for a flawless complexion!

Rinsing Vinegar

This product is one of Yves Rocher's bestsellers. It will help enhance your hair’s shine, leaving your hair looking radiant. Use it to restore your hair to its natural shine. It is perfect for all hair types.

Relaxing Bath and Shower Gel in Lotus Flower Sage

Try a relaxing shower or bath with this bath and shower gel. It is formulated with natural sage essential oils, lotus flower extract, and aloe vera gel. Your skin will be clean and have a delicate scent.

Comme Une Evidence Eau de Parfum

Yves Rocher is not only known for its beauty and skincare products. This perfume is one of the brand's bestsellers. It has an elegant and refined fragrance. It is perfect for any occasion because of its delicate floral scent.

One of the things that set this brand apart from the competition - quality products aside - is that now you can get free shipping anywhere in the US on any order over $40. They also offer free samples that are a great way to test new products without having to commit to ordering a full size. You can find your new favorite skincare or beauty product using a free sample.

Also, take a look at the limited-edition collections that are seasonally released and don't last long. Find special fragrances, formulas, and gift sets that are here today but maybe gone tomorrow. These collections and sets are perfect gifts for your loved ones or even for yourself. Take advantage of their special offers - up to 50% off on select products. Head over to Yves Rocher's website now and see what they have in store for you.

All You Need To Reach Your 2022 Fitness Goals

Fitness 2022

It’s that time of the year again – the time of year when we draft a list of our New Year’s resolutions. And of course, what new year’s resolutions list would be complete without getting fit?  The new year fills us with hope for something better, and with fitness, hope just doesn't cut it, so here are some tips to help you focus on making sure you reach your 2022 fitness goals. That way, you can free up some space on your list for 2023! 

Exercise At Home

Sometimes the extra effort it takes us to leave our homes to work out can put us off from the thought altogether. But now there's no excuse! Creating an exercise regimen you can do at home is a piece of (sugar-free) cake when you incorporate modern, easy-to-store fitness equipment into your routine in the comfort of your living room. Check out these deals on exercise equipment.

Plan Your Meals

They say what you eat can play a more significant role in getting fit than exercise. But if you're juggling a busy schedule, it can be tempting to get take out or eat unhealthy frozen meals to save some time. We get it, and we've all been there. But what if you could have someone to take care of your nutritional needs for you? You can save big on a prepared meal delivery service that offers meals made from fresh ingredients and take the worry out of food so you can focus on number one!

Supplement Your Nutrition

If you've ever been on a fitness journey before and had to deal with altering your diet or cutting on calories, you've probably felt a little groggy or out of sorts. This is usually due to some vitamin, mineral, or other nutrients we accidentally neglect. Make it a thing of the past with affordable nutrition supplements that will help you nourish your body and keep your energy levels up.

Look Amazing While Doing It

You have to love yourself at the beginning of your journey to appreciate how far you've come at the end, and a great way to do that is by supplementing your workout with a killer outfit! The new year is right around the corner, and there's no better time to make sure you walk in, in style. Snag these insane deals from FirmAbs today to make sure you enter the new year with motivation – and swagger. 


Black Friday Deals

November means it's time for football, turkey, and – you guessed it – Black Friday! There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to getting gifts for friends and family this holiday season. With Black Friday right around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on everything you need for the upcoming holidays. Not sure where to start to get the best deals? Check out our Black Friday tips and deals and start saving! 

Do Your Homework 

With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget about the deals on Black Friday until it’s time to head out the door. If you can, plan ahead and figure out what everyone in your circle wants or needs before you shop. Many big box stores are starting their Black Friday deals early this year, so be on the lookout for various deals throughout the month. Walmart will have three Deal Days during November, and Best Buy’s Black Friday deals started the week before Thanksgiving!

Shop Online

Many retailers will have deals online this year, so you can skip the store and enjoy Black Friday right from home. You can even get Black Friday prices for items that are eligible for curbside pickup. So instead of going into huge stores, you can avoid the crowds and lines and get your items delivered to your car. You won't need to worry about the hot toy of the season being gone before you even get to the store when you order it with curbside pickup.  When you are looking for fantastic Black Friday deals, head over to Yves Rocher! Their Black Friday deals have already begun. The Holiday Boutique is filled with great ideas for the lucky people on your list. You can even find Advent Calendars with 24 beauty surprises! You’ll also get a free gift with every order. For the outdoor enthusiasts on your list, your’re sure to find everything to put Christmas smiles on their faces at Craghoppers! You’ll find many amazing deals for Black Friday and beyond. How can we forget the awesome men and women who keep America moving?  FinditParts has more than a dozen ways to save! FindItParts is the one-stop shop for all your heavy duty truck parts and trailer needs, specializing in meeting parts and accessories needs for heavy duty trucks and trailers - keeping their rides safe, comfortable, and affordable.

Make a Budget

Sticking to a budget is probably one of the hardest parts of Black Friday shopping. It’s hard to pass up a great deal when you see one, but if you want to make your money work for you, skip the extras and stick to your list and your budget. When you set a budget for your Black Friday shopping ahead of time, you can save and prepare for it. You’ll feel great when you leave the store with all the items on your list, and no credit card bill to deal with later. 

Find Online Coupons 

If you decide to skip the stores and do your Black Friday shopping online, you can start saving right away with online coupons. We currently have coupon offers for everything you need this upcoming holiday season. You can avoid paying full price for new electronics for the kids and get great discounts on new outfits for the whole family.  Black Friday doesn’t have to be a race to the stores anymore, so take a minute to check out some of our coupons for the best Black Friday deals out there. 

Why Choose Craghoppers For Your Outdoor Clothing

While many travel opportunities are on hold, immersing yourself in nature has never been as important to our well-being as it is now. But now that travel restrictions have been lifted for some countries, and the world is slowly opening up, it's the perfect time to look for travel or outdoor clothing as we all start exploring our beautiful planet again. Finding the perfect travel clothing has always been difficult, and when it comes to finding sustainable opportunities, it becomes even more so.

One of the essential things to keep in mind when traveling is knowing what to wear. Choosing the proper clothing for travel depends on the destination and purpose of the trip. Yes, you can travel well in jeans, but they may not be the best thing to wear when you arrive at a hot scorching destination. Craghoppers is one of the best brands that you can find for all your outdoor needs including jackets, pants, rucksacks and backpacks, hats, scarves, socks, and gloves. The apparel manufactured by this brand can also be worn under normal conditions due to its added luxury feeling.

For over 50 years, Craghoppers has developed trailblazing outdoor and protective travel clothing. As the years passed by, their products are much more comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, and best of all, it protects you against biting insects. In addition, such outdoor clothing is eco-friendly. It is not only good for on the go, but also because it doesn’t add extra weight or mold or mildew to your bag. Today, they are recognized as one of the leading outdoor and adventure travel specialists.

Craghoppers’ outdoor apparel features odorless, family-safe, and bug deterrent clothing. You can also stay dryer for longer with their waterproof, lightweight, and breathable jackets. Moreover, try their best-selling adventure pants made for hiking that are also carefully crafted with bug protection and constructed for better comfort and performance.

If you are planning to purchase travel clothing, now is the perfect time! With Craghoppers, you can choose from a wide range of travel and hiking apparel with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee at affordable prices. Plus, enjoy their Buy 1, Get 1 Free promo now for a limited time only. Hurry and take advantage today!

Update: Halloween Guide

Halloween Guide

Don’t get scared, but Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the time to get your ghouls and goblins together to plan the ultimate Halloween celebration without breaking the bank. From Halloween parties to trick or treating, there are many things to do to prepare for the spookiest night of the season. We’ve put together the ultimate Halloween guide to help you come up with fun and festive ideas to try on a budget this season. 

DIY Halloween Decorations

There’s nothing more satisfying than putting hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns out on the front steps for the entire neighborhood to see. And the best part is...this is an easy and cheap activity that people of all ages can enjoy! Take the kids to the local pumpkin patch to each pick out one pumpkin to keep the cost down. You can also create DIY decorations with items lying around the house. Use balloons and newspapers to create paper mache ghosts and skeletons to hang outside. You can also pick up some extra craft supplies using some of our arts and crafts coupons for a day full of fun DIY decoration creation. 

Halloween Treats 

We all know that candy is the king of Halloween, and you can get some great deals on candy orders with our Halloween coupons. But there are so many other delicious fall-themed treats to whip up this season. Consider making caramel apples and having everyone in your group decorate their own. You can also create themed rice crispy treats with green, orange, and purple food coloring. Cut your treats into witches, ghosts, and goblins, and add halved marshmallows with chocolate chips in the center as eyes for your culinary creations. 

Pick the Perfect Costume 

The best part about Halloween is dressing up as your favorite character! The hardest part is figuring out what you want to dress up as. From the kids going as their favorite TV characters to being the star at the Halloween party, there are countless costumes to choose from. Start early to create your perfect look. Start by checking out your closet. You can easily create classic costumes like witches or pirates using clothes you already have. If you still need ideas or inspiration,, check out these deals on right now. From superheroes to monsters,they have fun choices for all ages.  Don’t forget the accessories that will pull your looks together!   Make Halloween fun,this year. Besure to check out all our Fall and Halloween deals to save big on your activities, candy, and costumes.  No one wants a big scare when they check their bank account, so go ahead  - give yourself the treat of savings this Halloween! 

3 Halloween Deals To Catch Today!

Halloween deals

When the leaves start to change, and there’s a chill in the air, we know Halloween is almost here! Get ready to dress up as your favorite character, and beware of spooks and scares.  It’s an exciting holiday, but between candy for trick or treaters and costumes for yourself or the kids, the costs can be the scariest part of the month. Luckily, we have three great Halloween deals available today to help keep your Halloween full of sweet treats and happy smiles. 

Save on Costumes 

Picking the perfect costume can be difficult. We know once you decide on something, it’s often the details that can make it come to life. But all those extra bits and bobs add up quickly at the costume store. To help curb costs, be sure to check out some of our great deals on Halloween costumes that will ship right to your door. We have a special coupon code for, one of the largest suppliers of Halloween costumes in the industry. It’s easy to scroll through and find the perfect outfit to impress your friends at your Halloween party. The best part is buying a costume that will ship to you instead of fighting through crowds and picking through what’s leftover at your local costume shop. 

Devious Decorations 

One of the best parts of Halloween is turning your home into a creepy wonderland for all the trick or treaters to enjoy. From classic cobwebs to large-scale skeletons and the creepiest animatronics. Some even set up fantastic haunted houses to entertain the neighborhood. Creating DIY decorations can be time-consuming, and the cost of supplies adds up. Instead, check out our deals on decorations. Saving big on seasonal decorations can help you create the perfect spooky aesthetic outside your home. For those hosting the Halloween party, you're not only going to want decorations to transform your space into a ghastly lair, but you'll also need party supplies to top it all off. We’ve teamed up with WindyCity Novelties for discounts on all the party supplies and decorations you'll need for a truly terrifying evening.

Candy Coupons 

One of the most shocking expenses around Halloween is candy. If you live in a busy neighborhood or want to enjoy a sneaky treat, you know that Halloween candy doesn’t come cheap. We have coupons for every kind of candy, from jelly beans to gourmet chocolate. Not only can you have the house with the king-size candy bars that all the kids will talk about, but you can enjoy a little treat for yourself without breaking the bank. Make sure you have enough for the whole neighborhood when you buy in bulk and with coupons from Candy Direct Be sure to take a look at the Halloween and fall coupons we have to offer right now. Prices shouldn’t be what scares you this season. Enjoy your Halloween by saving big on costumes, candy, and everything spooky in between. 

How to Use Coupons as a Small Business Owner

In setting up or growing your small business, you must use more discretion to avoid losing money through bad management or unexpected dilemmas that can cut into profit. How can you easily save some of your small business’ funds while getting must-have essentials for your business? Of course, coupons are a surprisingly easy way to do so, but also easily overlooked.

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from using coupons, deals and discounts. You can simply use any search engine to look for coupons, and there are also free trials for software and services your business needs, or new customer promotions on items that you regularly purchase. Also, most online stores offer holiday and seasonal coupons and promotions, cash back, free products, store credit, reward points, and loyalty programs to their regular shoppers. So regardless of the goods or services that your business uses, you can always find coupons when you search online.

For example, as a truck owner/operator, you may need parts and accessories. There are easy-to-use coupons for FindItParts, such as 10% off:

Besides coupons, there are other ways to save money as a small business owner, one of which is a business credit card. Business credit cards typically offer higher rewards points than personal credit cards on categories of stores that are related to our business. For example, office supply stores. Depending on the type of your business card credit, you can also get welcome bonuses, earn and redeem points and miles, cash back, gift cards, and a lot more. And like any other card, they also offer different insurance and warranties on particular purchases. In summary, you will be able to earn more for your business while you spend. All you need to do is pay off your balance every month to earn free rewards while avoiding any interest.

There is a lot of potential profit that coupons and discount programs can offer for your common expenses. Coupons are not only for personal purchases and can significantly reduce your overhead costs. Use these powerful coupon search tools to spend less and generate a small, but healthy return on your investment to boost your business success.

You can find more discounts and coupons specifically tailored to small business at We offer categorized and sorted business tags for different business needs. Make sure before your next purchase to take a look at these offers and promotions first!

Frugal Fall Activities to Try 

frugal fall activities

As the leaves change color and cold breezes flow through the air, we all know fall is here. It’s time for pumpkin picking and hayrides, but sometimes our favorite fall activities can wrack up quite a bill, especially if we bring the whole family along. If you’re ready to get into the fall spirit without breaking the bank, check out some of these frugal fall activities!

Take a Hike

Fall is one of the best times to get out of the house and enjoy the nature around you. If you live somewhere cool, you can see the leaves change up close. You may not even recognize your backyard with all the red and oranges peeping through. Finding hikes in your area is easier than you may think as well. Make sure you stay hydrated and bring plenty of snacks so you can sit and enjoy the view when you get to the end of your hike! We have tons of coupons on outdoor and hiking goods to help you find the right gear to make your fall hikes incredible. 

Festive Arts and Crafts 

All you need for some festive fall crafts are some leaves, paint, and paper. We have many deals of art and office supplies to help get the creativity flowing. Have fun with it! You can find some leaves to etch into paper to create your fall masterpieces. Everyone loves carving pumpkins for Halloween, too. For a smaller craft, you can pick up mini pumpkins and draw beautiful designs on them as well.  

Spruce Up Your Yard

With the leaves falling, your yard may need some more upkeep than usual. But it’s the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful fall landscape right outside your home. Consider planting chrysanthemum for a nice pop of color throughout your yard. If you have a green thumb, fall is the time to harvest some of the hardier vegetables from your garden. Broccoli, beets, and lettuce should be ripe for the picking at this time of year. You can then prepare your garden for the winter and enjoy your fresh veggies. If you need more supplies to make sure your garden is ready to rest, check out our lawn & garden coupons for plenty of savings. 

Find Fall Deals 

With Labor Day and Columbus Day both falling during the season, there are plenty of opportunities to get savings on everything you need for the fall. These are great times to shop for fall or grab great deals on summer pieces for next season. If you want to avoid the crows on those holiday weekends, we have plenty of coupons for clothing and accessories, so you can find savings without the hassle.  No matter what activities you like to do in the fall, there’s no reason to break the bank. Be sure to check out all of our coupons categories for the best deals of the season. There’s always a way to save money and enjoy the fun fall has to offer. 

5 Shopping Tips Guaranteed To Save You Money      

Shopping can be a fun pastime (or a stressful necessity). No matter what you're shopping for, nobody wants to spend all of their hard-earned cash when they go shopping. If you're considering a major purchase or just trying to save a few bucks on your weekly grocery run, here are 5 shopping tips guaranteed to save you money. 
  1. Shop With Coupons

Before you purchase, check out all of our coupon categories to find new savings. From back-to-school deals, clothes for you and your family, and even deals on travel, we have coupons to help you save on any and every purchase. We are always updating our deals, so be sure to check whenever you're ready to shop. Shop smarter and save money every time you shop.
  1. Rewards Cards 

Whether you’re grocery shopping or splurging on a new outfit, signing up for rewards cards is a great way to get money back on your purchases. Signing up for a rewards card at your local grocery store gives you access to special deals and sales throughout the store. You could also earn points that you can later redeem for rewards or money off of future purchases. 
  1. Don’t Impulse Buy

It’s easier than ever to buy items we may not need. You can hop on your computer and find whatever you want and get it in days. Cutting down on impulse buys will help you save that hard-earned cash in your wallet. Make sure you’re buying things you need to. Everyone can splurge now and then for special occasions, but watching your purchases and only buying items when you need them can help cut down on your shopping costs. 
  1. Do Your Research

Researching products to find the best deals before you make your purchases. This is especially true with large purchases. Whether it be a new electronic or piece of furniture, a quick internet search can help you get a good idea of how much that item should cost. You can use your research to avoid paying too much in a store and understand how much that item is worth. You may even find online only offers that bring the price of your item down. 
  1. Price Match

Many places now offer price matching. If you find an item you want to purchase at a different store for less money, the store you are shopping at may match that price for you. It’s easy to price match with apps on your phone or quick Google searches.  Use these pro tips from savvy shoppers to keep your costs down. And remember to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest sales and exciting offers!

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