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Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

Eeeeek - Halloween is just a few weeks away!If you've put off picking out this year's Halloween costume it's time to get started. Here are our picks for the best Halloween costumes of 2016.

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Fall Family Trips To Take

  Finally the cool weather is here, the days are growing shorter and it officially feels like fall most of the time.  That also means it's time for another family vacation. We've found that fall family trips are often our favorites. Sprinkling in a mini-break of school and work before the holidays hit is a great way for us to refresh. After all, by the end of October it feels like a sprint through New Year's Day. So, where to go in the coming weeks? Over the years we've found a few options that never fail. Here's some general suggestions for any family looking for a quick and easy getaway and some tips for keeping costs low. 

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Family Budget: When Your Partner Is A Spender

We've written multiple times about budget basics for beginners, but this post is a little bit different. This post is addressing the family budget and what to do when your partner is a spender. Chances are that person has caused you multiple hair pulling moments if you religiously stick to the budget only to have someone else keep pulling receipts from their pockets. 

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Fall Fashion Picks (Budget Style)

Welcome, September! Many people hate to see the long days of summer dwindle, though some of us adore September's arrival. The promise of crisp weather, colorful trees and pumpkin spice anything are all reasons to love this month. Of course, fall fashion is pretty high the list of favorites as well. Bring on the bundles, please! Let's load up on layers: long sleeves, sweaters, vests, jackets and boots are looking better and better right now. 

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Easiest Ways To Cut Costs Each Month

We recently stumbled across this story on an unbelievable family (the Fatzingers) that has lots of kids, lives debt free, and can still afford college and retirement. Oh, and they live on a single income that is quite nice but certainly not outrageous. Talk about #goals! While we are duly impressed by this family's commitment and budgeting skills, we admit our struggle with consistency prevents us from ever being exactly like them. Still, in reading the article we were reminded of all the easiest places to cut costs each month. Paying attention to these tweaks can take those financial plans from out of reach to completely manageable within a short period of time.

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Deals For Dorm Room Supplies

If you've managed to hit the stores at all lately you'll notice that they are already pumping out new fall wardrobes and back-to-school supplies. Though it's hard to think about while melting away in a heat wave, a new school year is not too far away. For those heading to college campuses, there may be a lot of things to buy. Chances are you don't want to spend all your time together shopping. Better to knock it out so you can enjoy the last few weeks of summer as a family, right? If you aren't even sure where to start, this check-list could come in handy.  Before you impulsively load up that shopping cart, check out our favorite places for deals on dorm supplies:

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4 Signs You’re Too Frugal

Remember how we talked about how being frugal can make you a better person? Well, turns out we think the opposite can be true too.  We love a good budget and saving money, but we also think moderation is important. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:
"Moderation in all things, especially moderation"  
Frugal living is more of a lifestyle than anything - sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. Often, we adopt this life and it becomes a part of who we are. That's great too, except when it can cost you more money in the long run (see this post).  Here are 4 signs you're too frugal:

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Top Couponing Tips And Tricks

We understand extreme couponing habits are not for everyone. After all, extreme couponing takes dedication, time, and energy. Not all of us want to have our lives consumed with frugality. However, with even minimal couponing efforts people can experience maximum benefits. The key is knowing how to coupon. So here are some top couponing tips and tricks to help you save the most money with the least amount of effort.

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3 Summer Road Trips To Try

As we barrel through the last remaining weeks of school, we also hear the call of summer around the corner.  And summer means a vacation. We do have a budget beach trip on the books. But lately we've been hearing a lot about amazing road trips other families have taken. Trips through mountains, around lakes, and along coastlines. Summer road trips where technology is limited and family time is abundant. With gas prices still low enough to feel "cheap" this summer may just be the best time to hit the open road. Sounds pretty great, right? We think so too, which is why we've researched and found these 3 summer road trips to try...if not this year, then definitely next year! 

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How Much Money Do You Give For Graduation?

  In the past couple of years we've done several graduation posts - on how to give money in a clever manner and on actual gifts that are less than $20. We've never really addressed the issue of how much money to give for graduation. Naturally, there are multiple factors to consider so we thought we'd break it down for you. Here's our handy, quick guide on how much money you can plan on spending:

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