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The Only Intention You Need For 2017

This year we've noticed that there's been a shift toward letting go of New Year's resolutions and embracing intentions instead. What's the big deal - why set an intention rather than a resolution?

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Gift Baskets: The Surprisingly Perfect Present For Guys

Last year we mentioned why we love the Gourmet Gift Basket company. And we explained why these gift baskets are a universally fantastic option for Secret Santa family parties. Of course, these baskets are always great choices for employees, employers and teachers. With gift tower choices that include chocolate, coffee, gluten free and Kosher selections it would be pretty hard NOT to find an amazing Gourmet Gift Basket for just about everyone. Still, maybe it feels weird to think about the words gift basket when selecting the perfect present for guys. But after you see the options we've found, you'll agree these really are a surprisingly perfect gift for just about any guy!

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5 Reasons To Shop Online For Black Friday

We know that many people genuinely look forward to Black Friday sales and deals. Who are we kidding? WE look forward to Black Friday sales and deals. What we don't necessarily look forward to is the chaos that comes with it all. And we personally are thrilled that so many stores are planning on closing for Thanksgiving Day. Of course, we still want to get crazy discounts and door busters...but this year we don't want to get out. Lucky for us, we won't have to and after you read these 5 reasons to shop online for Black Friday you might not want to either.

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Retailer Spotlight: Blain’s Farm And Fleet

For a budget shopper discovering a new discount retailer is a little like scratching off a winning lottery ticket. While we love the most well-known ones we get a thrill over discovering one previously unknown. That's why we are excited about having a retailer spotlight on Blain's Farm And Fleet this week. If you are looking to find value without compromising quality, read on to learn more about what we love regarding Blain's Farm And Fleet.

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Best Apps For Frugal Families

Even those old enough to remember life without a smart phone wouldn't be willing to go back to doing things that way. So many aspects of our lives are more manageable and easier to navigate thanks to the incredible advances in technology. In particular, there are several apps available that make managing money much simpler and keep us more inclined to stay within our budget. Here are some of our favorite apps for frugal families.

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Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

Eeeeek - Halloween is just a few weeks away!If you've put off picking out this year's Halloween costume it's time to get started. Here are our picks for the best Halloween costumes of 2016.

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Fall Family Trips To Take

  Finally the cool weather is here, the days are growing shorter and it officially feels like fall most of the time.  That also means it's time for another family vacation. We've found that fall family trips are often our favorites. Sprinkling in a mini-break of school and work before the holidays hit is a great way for us to refresh. After all, by the end of October it feels like a sprint through New Year's Day. So, where to go in the coming weeks? Over the years we've found a few options that never fail. Here's some general suggestions for any family looking for a quick and easy getaway and some tips for keeping costs low. 

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Family Budget: When Your Partner Is A Spender

We've written multiple times about budget basics for beginners, but this post is a little bit different. This post is addressing the family budget and what to do when your partner is a spender. Chances are that person has caused you multiple hair pulling moments if you religiously stick to the budget only to have someone else keep pulling receipts from their pockets. 

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Fall Fashion Picks (Budget Style)

Welcome, September! Many people hate to see the long days of summer dwindle, though some of us adore September's arrival. The promise of crisp weather, colorful trees and pumpkin spice anything are all reasons to love this month. Of course, fall fashion is pretty high the list of favorites as well. Bring on the bundles, please! Let's load up on layers: long sleeves, sweaters, vests, jackets and boots are looking better and better right now. 

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Easiest Ways To Cut Costs Each Month

We recently stumbled across this story on an unbelievable family (the Fatzingers) that has lots of kids, lives debt free, and can still afford college and retirement. Oh, and they live on a single income that is quite nice but certainly not outrageous. Talk about #goals! While we are duly impressed by this family's commitment and budgeting skills, we admit our struggle with consistency prevents us from ever being exactly like them. Still, in reading the article we were reminded of all the easiest places to cut costs each month. Paying attention to these tweaks can take those financial plans from out of reach to completely manageable within a short period of time.

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