Anyone else feel it’s too hot to think about school? With the summer sun still scorching down on us it’s hard, if not impossible, to imagine kids heading back to school. Yet, in the blink of an eye it will be time to start packing lunches, coordinating schedules, and shopping for those essential back to school supplies.

The school year itself tends to help keep us on budget: less downtime, fewer impulse buys, etc. However, the start of school tends to absolutely blow up our budget. Supplies, activities, and children who just won’t quit growing are the main contributors. So, we thought it would be handy to round-up some of our best back to school coupons to help ease the burden. Hopefully, you’ll find these deals and discounts useful too!

School Supplies

Thanks to fundraising and efforts to keep things uniform, a lot of schools offer an easy school supply kits that are delivered straight to the classroom. Some of us just have a bad habit of forgetting to order them. That means we are scrambling with Supply Lists all over town to find everything we need. Thankfully, with over 904 coupons to utilize, we aren’t freaking out just yet.

For certain, we plan to take advantage of discounts for backpacks, books , and these deals for electronics because this is the year of new devices.

Sports and Activities

Another enormous cost for our family each fall is the cost of after-school activities. Sure, many of the school-related sports fees are reasonable, but we inevitably need all new everything – from physicals to new gear. Naturally, that means we are cruising through these fitness and sport coupons for shoes, equipment and clothing to restock.

One bonus about the kids going back to school is that parents can often get back into their own workout routines. Our house is looking to increase yoga and running opportunities.

Here are a few more tips on how to save money on youth sports too!

Clothes and shoes

Closet clean out at the end of summer means we can take stock of what we have, what we need, and what they think they have to have to survive a new school year. After all, everyone cares a little more than normal that first week. The standard list is usually something like this:

  • Vans or Converse or Nike  
  • Clothing – assorted stores and styles so we shop everywhere! Love the usual suspects like Old Navy, Target and Costco. Sometimes,  uniforms seem like a much better idea.
  • Hair – Yes, everyone in our house seems to need hair products, tools or accessories. All the deals for those are here.


Hi, I'm Ayse! I am a mom of three wonderful children and originally began working as a librarian. Now, I love to write! I am an avid coupon finder, deal expert, and lover of anything that can save money without compromising on quality.