Is it terrible that we already long for a spring break trip just weeks out from Christmas break? Maybe it’s because of the shorter daylight hours or cooler temps, but we start daydreaming about spring break trips in early February! Now that we’ve entered March, it’s officially time to get something booked. So, here’s our round up of spring break trips for every budget. Oh sure, we keep it frugal but that doesn’t mean you have to.


The big ski trip

Generally speaking, ski trips are at the top end of the spectrum in terms of cost. Unlike the beach, ski activities can add up quickly. There will be the cost of gear (if renting), lift tickets, food and lodging. While not inexpensive, ski trips for spring break are highly enjoyable. More often than not, there’s additional sun during spring and the views are breathtaking. You can make these trips more affordable by choosing lesser known slopes, even finding some within driving distance.  If you want savings on gear and accessories, use these coupon codes.


The moderate cruise trip

Cruises are a great way to vacation as a family since most of the cost is up front and most offer a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained. Food is pretty much taken care of and there is always something for every one to do. The down side? Well, cruises are those vacations that really run the spectrum in terms of cost. You can go big, all-out incredible luxury style or you can scale it back and seek a more modest experience. Let’s pretend you want the latter. The best way to save a bundle is to book last minute. You can snag some pretty amazing deals the week before a cruise sets sail. Of course, this requires flexibility and more than a little “go with flow” kind of attitude. If that’s not for you, try smaller (but still reputable) cruise lines and special offers. 


The next-to-nothing beach or mountain trip

Generally, most of us live close enough to drive to either a beach or a mountain. That alone saves hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on a flight. Beach vacations can cost very little if your family enjoys the sand and surf as the primary forms of entertainment and doesn’t mind eating most meals at home. Mountains can also be affordable if hiking and nature-walks are the main excursions. Another way to cut costs? Share your trip with another family. We recently tried this and the results were fantastic – kids were happy, adults were happy and the budget was reduced by nearly half!

No way to get a trip together? That’s okay! Try these tips to keep it interesting with a staycation instead!



Hi, I'm Ayse! I am a mom of three wonderful children and originally began working as a librarian. Now, I love to write! I am an avid coupon finder, deal expert, and lover of anything that can save money without compromising on quality.