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Is Your Eye Care Provider Engaging In Unethical Behavior?


Did you know that you are entitled to your prescription information? That’s correct, you are entitled to it just as much as you are entitled to all your other medical records. You paid for it, it’s yours.

When ordering glasses from our website, you will need to enter your prescription as well as your PD (Pupillary Distance). Only a few states are required by law to provide you with your PD number, but every state is required to give you your prescription. Below is our advice on how to obtain your prescription information from your eye doctor’s office as well as some useful information you should know when asking for your prescription.

When you call your doctor’s office, they may either read you your prescription over the phone or send you a copy of your prescription in the mail. When asking for your prescription information, be sure to ask for your Sphere, Axis & Cylinder (if you have an astigmatism), and your ADD (if you require bifocals).

The following is a list of common questions and facts based on 16 CFR Part 456 Ophthalmic Practice Rules.

Hand It Over

It is a United States Federal Law for your doctor to provide you with your prescription if you have paid for an eye exam.


Some eye care providers may ask you to sign a waiver in order to receive your prescription. This practice is not only unethical, but is also illegal. It is used as a scare tactic in order to make the patient think that they’re doing something wrong.

The Phone Call

Watch out for some eye care providers who may try to call you in order to try to talk you out of obtaining your prescription information. Some

practices will have a doctor call you to try to sell you their glasses or contacts.

Is there a limit?

You can obtain your prescription anytime you want and as many times as you want. Your eye care provider cannot refuse to release your prescription because they already have done so in the past.

You already paid

Some eye care providers may attempt to charge you for your prescription. This is another unethical and illegal practice that is used to discourage people from purchasing glasses or contacts from somewhere else. If you have already paid for your eye exam, you have the full right to your prescription under any condition.

Can I receive my prescription information over the phone?

Yes, you have the right to obtain your prescription information over the phone. Some eye care providers may tell you that you must come in to receive it or have it mailed to you; this is false, and another way for them to delay you from purchasing somewhere else.

Does my prescription expire?

No, there is no expiration date to your prescription.

Overall, it is always best to be educated when talking to your eye care provider about prescription. The more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you will feel when asking for your prescription, and the easier it will be to obtain it. Owned and operated by two eye doctors, we here at pride ourselves on being informative and knowledgeable on what is ethical and legal. If you want to learn more regarding this matter, here is a link to American Medical Association’s guidelines: is currently running an exclusive promo for 20% off your ENTIRE order. Use code SELECT20 at checkout.


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