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Monthly Archive - February 2016

Best Spring Break Vacations For Families

Spring Break is around the corner and while it is perhaps most anticipated by college students, plenty of families are eagerly awaiting their chance to get away too.  And nothing is worse than when families and college students find themselves at the same vacation spots at the same time.  In an effort to protect the dignity of both, here are our recommendations for the best spring break vacations for families:
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When Frugal Doesn’t Work


It’s no secret we love a good deal. We are big fans of discounts, outlets and coupons. So, you’d think we would be all about saving money all the time right? Right. Well, actually no. We’ve learned the hard way that having a budget and sticking to it works, but going cheap does not. In fact, there have been a few occasions where trying to cut dollars was really just trying to cut corners and ended up costing a lot more in the long run.

So, take it from us there are a few times when frugal doesn’t work:
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3 Frugal (But Not Cheap) Dates For Valentine’s Day


We’ve covered Valentine’s Day a time or two on our frugal lifestyle blog. In fact, you can read posts here or here for tips on great gifts or a fast and easy Valentine’s Day treat. This time, however, we’re going to dive into the actual Valentine’s Day date. It can be tricky. After all, too much effort starts to feel stagey or forced, but doing nothing feels false too. There is a happy medium, an art if you will, to planning a near-perfect Valentine’s Day date and the best part is that it can be very budget friendly.

So, if the thought of planning something special makes you shudder or get all clammed up, we’ve got 3 frugal (not cheap) dates for Valentine’s Day that are sure to sweep you and your special someone right off your feet:
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