The Gourmet Gift Basket company started because the founders understood that gift baskets were a way to provide exceptional, unique gifts for all life’s special occasions. This company started with two family members working out of a basement seeking the highest quality goods to please customers. Years later, Gourmet Gift Baskets is now a thriving national business that still puts family values and customer satisfaction first.

Every year we participate in a few Secret Santa swaps: two with family, one with friends, and sometimes a random co-worker or neighborhood one. Every year a lot of time is spent looking for a perfect gift for each swap. After all, these events have a funny underlying pressure as we all secretly want our anonymous gift to be the most coveted. After more than a decade of participating in these events, I’ve discovered the one true can’t fail Christmas gift – Gourmet Gift Baskets.

“What?” I can hear you thinking, “that can’t be right.” Oh, but it is. See, the trick is in what kind of gift basket you bring. No one wants cheap, unappealing foods or oddly flavored beverages, but almost everyone LOVES artisan foods, fine wine, tasty beer brews or orchard-fresh fruits. The right gourmet gift basket feels like a little dose of decadence, which is why it’s such a hit with nearly everyone. Since Gourmet Gift Baskets only uses the highest quality ingredients and trusted and well-loved brands, each basket is pure perfection.

For example:


Check out this classic Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket. It’s literally filled to the brim with treats like sea salt caramels, truffle bars, nuts, and more. These treats are some of the most loved flavors that exist by some of the best known brands (hello Lindt, Sanders, J&R Gourmet) and are packed beautifully. You can’t go wrong with this one as a Christmas gift for a boss, employee, or out-of-town parents. With this $10 off coupon code, this incredible basket rings in at $50 – talk about a huge bang for your buck opportunity!


Or how about winning Christmas with your favorite coffee drinker? It’s pretty much guaranteed with the Coffee & Chocolate basket because well, you just can’t go wrong with the selection of premium chocolates and gourmet coffees in this one. Ingredients are fresh, ordering is easy and delivery is on time. Plus, right now you can get 20% off Coffee and Chocolate baskets too with this coupon code.  Again, this is how you win Christmas!


“Okay” you might be thinking, “but what about the guys’ guy? I’m not sending him a basket of chocolates.” Well, first of all you probably should. Out of 100 guys, only 1 probably doesn’t like chocolate and that’s possibly because of an allergy.  Still reluctant?  No problem because you can just send this awesome Around The World Beer Bucket instead. No basket and no chocolate included. Instead, this bucket has 6 beers and a variety of salty snacks that pair perfectly with a pint. Use this 15% off + free shipping coupon and you’ll be as satisfied as the recipient.


These are a small sample of the special gifts available at Gourmet Gift Baskets. We highly recommend you spend time on their site looking at the other samples, reading reviews and even get in touch with their customer service team. This company is committed to bringing a positive experience to both you and your recipients!




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