Vanessa Murray Ironman

Ironman Vanessa Murray

Okay, so maybe I didn’t complete an Ironman like the incredible Vanessa Murray in the above photo, but I did get a lot accomplished. With the failure of last week still hanging over me, I knew it was time for big things. So, let’s dive in and check out my week three results for the January Cure.

Day 8

Let’s back it up to Day 8 and planning a get together. There is psychology behind this step, as having people over to your home motivates you to stay on track. Having recently derailed I thought this was a great idea. Plus, I have some great friends that I really wanted to catch up with soon. So, a girls night of dinner at my house is on the calendar.

Day 9

The January Cure challenge for Day 9 was to create a landing strip, or area where I could let things like keys and mail pile up a bit. This one was interesting because our house doesn’t have a clearly defined entry for this, and believe it or not we need two places! We use the backdoor when we come and go from our cars but the kids use the front door every day for school. So, for months we’ve had two separate piles of items on the floor. Not anymore.

Here’s one of the landing strips:

Landing strip

Yep – a cute basket where we can toss everything in it and sort it out it later. No more missing keys, bills, sunglasses, etc. We also moved a coat rack over to that area. And for the 2nd landing strip – well, I will have to do a reveal next week on it as we modified the hall closet for this one. Here are some tips if you are also needing to prove a kid-focused entry area.

Day 10

This was my favorite assignment. There was nothing to do except get offline and unplug. I love technology and we accumulated even more gadgets this Christmas, but it takes a toll on personal connections. This post from Abundant Momma makes some great points about how parents need to unplug. So, we played board games, we read Harry Potter, and we had funny and amazing conversations over hot cocoa. Amazingly, the non-tech bonding was budget-friendly and fun for everyone. This is one assignment that I would like to keep on a weekly basis!


Day 11

The halfway point where I was to spend time on one of my projects. Well, I did! The doors came off the pantry and shelves were rearranged and reorganized. I promise the After photo is coming but first I need a few more items, like this storage box from World Market. 


Day 12

Now it was time to tackle the bedroom and wardrobe. I feel we were lucky here as our bedroom is almost dead last on our list of priorities, which means it’s pretty bare! As for our walk-in closet, we are actually strangely OCD in there. In fact, I’ll go ahead and admit I hang all clothes by color. It honestly is just a time saver in the long run and I highly recommend it.

However, since I didn’t have much to do there, I went ahead and cleaned out the upstairs closets and the cabinets below our built in shelving downstairs. I had gotten a little scared of opening doors around here, and I am now so much calmer. 🙂

Day 13

Again, this assignment was kind of already done for me since it involved getting paperwork and files organized. I am pretty on top of that so there wasn’t much left to do. However, I did decide that I might want to change it up again after seeing how gorgeous this office looks with all of the red binders and folders:


That pretty much sums up the week. I feel much more at peace with my home, which I love. And I look forward to finishing my big project and concluding this challenge. Be sure to follow on Twitter for more results and tips!

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