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For a Great Spring Break – Combine Planning, Coupons

For a Great Spring Break – Combine Planning, Coupons

by Ayse Gider March 14th, 2013
Picture of Beach

Author: Varun Kapoor Photograph: Grand Anse Beach, Grenada, West Indies (Caribbean)

As William Shakespeare put it, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” If youthful exuberance is expanded in April, it’s born in March. Spring blooms as flowers peek their sleeping heads from freshly poured mulch. Sprinklers find their way back onto lawns, and as school prepares to let out for vacation, it’s almost time for spring break!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The most affordable time to book a trip is 21-35 days before leaving for it. The internet has made booking vacation as easy as one, two, click.  Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, and Cheap Air all offer competitive rates to some of the hottest destinations in the world. For extra savings, use a coupon code to purchase your ticket: click here.

If travel by air isn’t your method or means of roaming, check local bus schedules, or map quest your route and go! Road trips inspire adventure and often result in some of the most unforgettable, beloved memories. Just be sure to have books, snacks, and perhaps even a portable DVD player for the kids. Bottled water, assorted nuts, dried fruit and crackers are all easy travel foods. For a travel experience that is part of the destination, take a train and just enjoy the ride.

Destinations – from the Beach to the Slopes

With the last snow approaching, it might be time to hit the slopes. Or if you’re less of a snow bunny and more of a beach bum, Florida, California, and North Carolina may be calling you. California beaches offer great waves and nearly every city from San Francisco to San Diego offers a litany of tourist attractions from zoos to botanical gardens and adventure parks. Florida has affordable hot spots like Panama City, but also niche towns like Seaside – known for its hospitality, pastel rainbow houses, and picturesque beaches. North Carolina combines the mountains and beach; blending the best nature has to offer. Check out these amazing destinations from – click here.

Unique Eats are a Great Treat

To make the most of your vacation fares, try something new! Give your taste buds a vacation. While it’s easy to go for the usual spots and familiar haunts, no matter where you vacation, you can mix it up by eating new foods at new places. If you’re in New Orleans, ask the locals for the best Cajun joint, or best kept secret. If you’re by the ocean, seek the most renowned restaurant for seafood, and ask if the chef will provide a recommendation. Each meal can be a delightful surprise. Remember, life happens when you step out of your comfort zone! You will be sure to find great food from and great deals here – click for coupons.

Make Family Time Fun

Sometimes when we travel as a family, we lose sight of each other right away. If you’re running in different directions, make time to come back together. Even if you only meet for dinner, try to set family-focused bonding time. Play a nightly game, go for a bike ride, take in a drive-in movie at one of the remaining outdoor theatres, or set up on the beach and tell spooky stories. Make each moment count, and remember your family is truly the most precious cargo you own.

When planning this year’s spring break, remember to have a youthful spirit. Make it fun, make it count, and keep it affordable. You don’t always have to spend a lot to get a lot, but the one thing you can spend money on that will make you rich is travel – especially when you’re going with great friends or family. Be sure to join us on Facebook and share your favorite travel ideas and pics:

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