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The Internet Changed Everything – Including Couponing

The Internet Changed Everything – Including Couponing

by Ayse Gider February 4th, 2013
Internet ready world


Has the Internet changed absolutely, positively everything? It can certainly seem that way. Today, you can check your bank account; have a video dinner date with a friend in another country – and receive live news updates… all at the same time. You can find great recipes, shop for ingredients, and even have them delivered to your door! The only thing the Internet won’t do is cook for you. Yet.  But if the Jetson’s are any indication, there’s no telling what meals it will whip up one day. The internet has altered our shopping landscape, and here are a few reasons why we’re grateful.

Shoppers Are Hip to the Web

Shopping in general can now be done in house slippers and a bathrobe, rather than at a crowded mall or at specialty store 60 miles away. Why disrupt a day driving, parking, and standing in line? That’s a question many of us ask before hopping on the web, clicking “add to cart” and then checking out – without having to leave the house or office. And it’s not just convenient. People are saving time and a lot of money online.

The Rise of the Coupon Code

Unlike the Rise of the Lycans or The Rise of the Cobra, coupon codes cause no major wars between hostile creatures or nations – only price wars, where the consumer always wins. Knowing is half the battle, and savvy savings buyers have learned to search out these codes for even better deals at their favorite retailers. The #couponcode hashtag is used everyday to find extra bargains. With incredible offers like this one, it’s no wonder coupon codes are so popular! Click here for free shipping from your favorite stores.

Email and Social Media Spread the Word

As coupon use increases and savings pile up, more people use coupons and more savings accumulate. Such is the nature of the social media world and the power of email. We recently posted an infographic on our Facebook page about how shopper’s coupon use habits have changed. It’s interesting to see that so many people get their coupons from newsletters and social sites. To sign up for our newsletter for weekly deals and special features, click here.

Exponential Growth

MSN featured a video last year that speaks directly to the massive explosion of coupon use, due in large part to the Internet. I’m no economics guru, but with an anticipated growth rate of 1,300% over 4 years, it’s safe to say that online couponing will be a major factor in the retail game from now on. You can see the 30-second MSN video below.

Couponing Video from MSN

It’s clear the Internet has allowed consumers and retailers to connect like never before. Social interactions, product reviews and video give us insight into the goods we buy. Convenience is the internet’s middle name, and that is one change we can get behind!

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