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Monthly Archive - July 2007

Store of the Week: Outlets and Special Offers has a number of outlet stores and other places where you’ll find overstocked items, markdowns, and other merchandise available at a deep discount. If you are not too particular about the specific item you are looking for, these outlet and markdown centers are a good way to browser shop (my online term for window shopping) and see if anything catches your eye. As always at Amazon, you can get free standard shipping on qualifying products $25 or more. Here is a quick rundown of some of the outlet centers you can find on Amazon. For a complete list, check out coupons and clearance.

For home & garden merchandise, you can shop the home & garden clearance center at Amazon to save up to 70%. You’ll find a little bit of everything from the home & garden category, including over a thousand markdowns in categories such as kitchen and dining pieces, arts, crafts, home appliances, pet supplies, vacuums, bedding, and bath.

For books, check out the Book Blowout Store at Amazon to save up to 80%, on all genres of books, which include popular bestsellers and overstocked titles. Many of these are in limited supply so the selection changes frequently.

Looking for toys and games? Shop from hundreds in Amazon’s toys and games outlet and save up to 75%. You’ll find something for anyone from babies to adults in categories such as action figures, dolls, games, hobbies, and electronics.

There are a number of sales and special offers for grocery products from Amazon. Shop by instant rebates, free shipping items and other discounts available on grocery items through Amazon.

Take advantage of Amazon’s 4-for-3 home & garden special where you can purchase 4 select items and you’ll get the cheapest one for free. This can definitely help you save a lot on brands such as Mikasa, OXO, and George Foreman. Amazon is currently running a 4-for-3 special on books as well. You can purchase any 4 select books under $10 and get the cheapest for free. You can also find 4-for-3 specials in magazines, music, and DVDs. In all, more than 100,000 items are eligible for this offer and you can mix and match products across all 4-for-3 specials so that you select any 4 items from any category and get the least expensive one for free.

If you know where to look at, you’ll find plenty of discounted items to choose from. So, before you make your next purchase, make sure to look at outlet and clearance centers for comparable products at a cheaper price. With 4-for-3 specials, you can even get something for free with your next order. And, as always, before you shop, find an Amazon coupon.

Back to School Bargain Guide 2007

After a relaxing summer…for most of us…school is starting up again, making it that time of the year when we have to go out and pick up all the common school supplies, from pencils to textbooks to laptops.  While the prices quickly add up at checkout, we find it’s necessary to try to get as much of a discount as possible.  Thankfully, during this back to school shopping season, there are plenty of coupons, discounts, and other savings to go around in a variety of categories.  As the back to school shopping season is starting to get into full swing, you will find more and more coupons available for a range of items.  So, be sure to check back often as we find more bargains to help you start off the school year right.  Whether you are shopping for backpacks, basic school supplies, textbooks, clothing, or computers and electronics, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can find a range of coupons and discounts good for backpacks by visiting our backpack coupons page.  This year, we highly recommend eBags, they have a great selection of backpacks to choose from, including Jansport, North Face, High Sierra and plenty of others.  Plus, they have very good discounts available all year round, with at least 10% off every day and usually more. You can visit them directly at the eBags coupons page.

Basic school supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, and more can also be found at a significant discount this back to school shopping season.  Visit the office supplies coupons page for a list of office supply stores and the discounts they are offering this season.  In particular, we recommend Office Depot, they have special coupons that will help you save up to 20% instantly on almost anything.  You can find all of their coupons at the Office Depot coupons page.

If you are college student, picking up all your required textbooks is a necessity.  We all are too familiar with the outlandish prices that many of the required college textbooks are going for, so be sure to check out book coupons.  Amazon, Alibris, and Abebooks all offer some great discounts on textbooks, so be sure to check with them first before you buy.

Whether you are looking for clothing for yourself or a loved one, there are literally hundreds of coupons available for clothing and accessories this year from many stores.  You can find clothing for teen girls and boys, kids, or adults at the clothing and accessories coupon page.  If you are looking for teen girl clothing, we recommend checking out Delia’s coupons or Alloy coupons.  Both stores offer significant reductions that are not available the rest of the year and both are considered to be at the forefront of teen fashion.

If you or a loved one is going to college this year, you may be particularly interested in coupons for laptops and notebooks.  Whether you are looking for a Mac, Dell, HP, or Sony computer, you’ll find a coupon for any of them at our computer coupons page.  You can also find a wealth of coupons available for anything from iPods to digital cameras for the school year at the electronics coupons page.  There are just too many great offers this back to school shopping season to just pick one favorite!

As you can see, there are plenty of special back to school coupons and discounts to go around this year.  Let this serve as a helpful guide for discounts on common back to school products.  As always, you can find a wealth of other discounts and bargains for any other product you might be looking for at  If you can’t find the bargain you were hoping to find, please let us know.  Until next time, good luck on your back to school shopping and stay savvy, shoppers.

Spotlight on Store of the Week is a fairly well-known online store, yet they are too often overlooked when it comes to finding bargains. If you are not familiar with, they are a mass merchandiser carrying hundreds of thousands, if not millions of products in pretty much any category you can think of. What makes Overstock stand out are what products they are able to offer and how they are able to get a hold of them…did I mention the Overstock coupons and prices too? Overstock carries brand-name products that they are able to purchase significantly cheaper through its unique purchasing strategy.

One way Overstock captures its products is from manufacturers who make too many of an item and then they are purchased at a liquidation price, which is even below how much they cost wholesale. Overstock also focuses on products that were ordered by other stores, but then for one reason or another that store cancelled its order with the manufacturer. As well, Overstock focuses on capturing products from stores that go out of business or downsize and then must sell their inventory. All of this means one thing – that Overstock is able to offer significantly cheaper prices than you’ll find in other stores. And, their prices become even cheaper when you factor in an easy-to-find Overstock coupon.

While you will find very significant savings, you may not find as many discounts for newer products. Since Overstock waits to purchase these items at a discount, it may take time. As well, you will not find as broad of a selection as you might find at other stores. But even if you are not able to find the model you are looking for, Overstock does carry many alternatives from all the top, high-quality brands. You may also be interested in Overstock’s Deal of the Day, and their Auctions. Don’t forget, before you press that buy button, make sure to look at our Overstock coupons page and use one of their highly valuable coupons to take even more off your order instantly.

Haggling over Prices: Does it Work?

In many cases, yes, you can haggle for lower prices. Price haggling is arguably much more common outside the US, but there are still many retailers willing to bargain with you for a better price. In many countries, price haggling is a tradition – it is part of the shopping experience. Vendors do not expect you to pay what they initially ask for, they want to haggle with you – consider it a social exercise.  They offer a price, you chat and joke a while, try to sweeten up the vendor and then ask for a lower price.  Some more chatting goes by about the qualities of the product, the vendor’s situation, your situation, and they offer another price. It becomes a conversation – a negotiation – so that in most cases both you and the vendor feel satisfied when you depart.  Sure, there are bad experiences with bargaining, but in general it is a positive experience in many countries.  But, what about the US?

In the US, price haggling is not as common, many take the set price on that sticker to be the only price you can pay. But, more people are finding out they really can bargain for a better price than what’s on the sticker, not only in smaller stores, but frequently in larger ones as well.  MarketWatch released an article today listing 5 ways you can get a lower price than what that sticker might say. Bargaining for a better price might not always be possible, but there are certain things to watch out for or time right to make it more likely that your negotiating efforts will pay off.

Number 1 according to MarketWatch is to time your bargain hunting for the end of the month. Their reasoning is that salespeople are trying to meet their monthly quota and will be more likely to do what they can to make sure you walk out the door with as much as possible.  You can also ask about upcoming sales. How often has it happened to you that you purchase some new outfit only to see it on sale days later? You can also find out how long the item has been on the floor – the longer it has been there, the more likely salespersons will bargain.  A fourth tip is to point out flaws in merchandise because frequently you’ll receive a discount for such imperfections.  Most of all, according to MarketWatch, is to be polite and don’t make your haggling efforts public to other customers because sales clerks don’t want to make the same discount available to everyone.

So, the next time you are out shopping, just trying to bargain and see what you can come up with.  Personally, I’ve had positive experiences with bargaining for clothing and furniture.  But, there are likely many more products that can be bargained for.  It doesn’t hurt either to brush up on your haggling skills for the next time you are in an overseas flea-market. Until next time…stay savvy, shoppers.

Spotlight on Store of the Week is a true bargain-hunter’s paradise – their team of expert purchasers are able to track down bargains from around the world and make them available to you on their website. They offer top brands and designer merchandise, and they advertise their prices as being like liquidation prices. Some of the categories you’ll find include bed & bath bargains, home bargains, jewelry bargains, women’s bargains, men’s bargains, kid’s bargains, toy bargains, and shoe bargains. Another appealing point about is that you find bargains, but your order is still backed by excellent customer service and a 30-day return policy. You don’t have to worry about purchasing something and not knowing what condition it is in and if you’ll be able to return it back. SmartBargains receives very favorable reviews by customers all across the board and a SmartBargains coupon will make your order even more valuable.

Compare to other sites, online or offline, and find out how much you are able to save. You’ll also find a Bargain Bin and The Grab Bag, two places on their website that offer clearance items – bargains on clearance? You can bet there are some deep discounts there. also offers very valuable coupons throughout the year, especially if it is your first time shopping with them. Usually you won’t need a coupon code either, you’ll just have to click the link that automatically activates your savings on their website. You can find all the coupons by visiting our site at coupons.

How to Find Coupons for Free Gifts

While it is true that nothing is absolutely free when it comes to shopping, there are plenty of stores offering “free gifts” for purchasing with them.  And, there is nothing more exciting about bargain shopping than getting an exciting, new, mysterious, free gift with your order.  The types of gifts you receive come of all shapes, sizes, types and values, from getting a related accessory for the product you purchased to something completely unrelated.  Frequently, stores will offer free gifts as a way to get customers to try a hot, new product, so they’ll give it free with your purchase.  Whatever the reason and whatever the gift, coupons for free gifts are easy to find if you look in the right places.

At, we’ve made it easy to find coupons of different varieties easily.  To find coupons for free gifts, navigate to the category that you wish to shop in, for example, Clothing & Accessories coupons.  Then, you will see a drop-down menu entitled “Display.”  Click this drop-down box and select “Free Items.”  The listing of coupons will be automatically updated to show you a list of coupons that are only for receiving free gifts.  No more sorting through hundreds of coupons, simply select what you are looking for with the click of a button.

Squeezing for Savings Article

There are many ways to find a bargain online if you know where to look and you have the tools to do it right. Teresa McUsic outlines a variety ways to save money, from cheap gas to cheap groceries, in “Ways to squeeze for your savings.” Her article appeared a couple weeks ago at Some of the points she outlines may seem obvious, but there are some money-saving tips you probably didn’t know about. Did you know you can take a quick, online defensive driving course and get up to 10% off your auto-insurance?

McUsic outlines 8 ways to get discounts and coupons, including tools to help maximize your coupons at the grocery store, “cyber-coupons,” and ways to shop for credit cards. Probably her best tips are for saving on auto-insurance, checking for the cheapest gas in your area, using online coupons, and shopping for the best credit card. It may also be worthwhile to turn your loose change into a gift card instead of having to pay a fee. Anyway, have a look and see if you learn something, it’ll probably save you time and money.

New Product Alert: OSIM uHarmony Massage Chair

The OSIM uHarmony is a new full-body massage chair that began shipping this week from and became available in select Brookstone stores throughout the country. If some of you are not familiar with OSIM, they manufacturer products aimed towards healthy living, and most of their products are massage-related. As with many OSIM Massage Chairs, the uHarmony combines the massage experience with music. There are speakers that are actually built-in to the chair so you don’t have to wear any headphones. In addition to the musical-massaging experience, the uHarmony adds heat therapy to deepen the effects of the massage.

You’ll also find many of the standards of OSIM massage chairs, such as programmable massage programs and a neat LCD remote that shows you where you are being massaged. In case you didn’t know already! OSIM has a long-line of massage chairs with different features, you can find the entire line offered by Brookstone here. Like the rest of Brookstone’s OSIM massage chairs, the OSIM uHarmony comes with free shipping! This is a very valuable discount when you are ordering a large item. Many online stores will charge you hundreds of dollars for shipping that you don’t find out about until you are ready to check out. Initial reviews of the OSIM uHarmony are very favorable as OSIM makes high-quality products. You can find more about the price for the OSIM uHarmony and all the coupons you can use with at the OSIM uHarmony Coupon Comparison page. Stay savvy, shoppers.

Spotlight on Sierra Trading Post: Store of the Week

Sierra Trading Post is an online outlet mall offering outdoor gear and clothing for men, women, and kids. If you are looking for a bargain on hot summer items, you’ll find it at Sierra Trading Post. They offer many ways to shop for bargains on their website. They have a Bargain Barn, clearance section, a reduced items section, and barn burners. Sierra Trading Post advertises that you save up to 70% off famous, brand-name outdoor merchandise and are the primary source for overstocks, closeouts, and seconds. A full list of what they offer includes outdoor gear, outerwear, shoes, boots, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s items, and home decor.

This summer, Sierra Trading Post is offering deep discounts and valuable coupons to shop with to take even more off your next order. They realize it is the summer and people need items for the outdoors. The summer is also a good time to stock up on out-of-season items for the fall and winter. Take advantage of the bargains at Sierra Trading Post and use a coupon to make it an even greater value. You’ll routinely find coupons, such as 10% that are applied instantly to your order. No coupon code is necessary, your discount is automatically applied by following through the link. To find all Sierra Trading Post coupons, visit our page on Sierra Trading Post coupons.

Let’s Talk a Little About Coupons

Coupons are an important part of the shopping experience for bargain hunters. Coupons allow for significant savings on the items you are shopping for or the stores you want to shop with. The best part is, there is usually nothing special you have to do to get a coupon except to find them. Stores advertise coupons because they want to attract customers. Sometimes, if a store is unable to advertise a lower cost on an item due to restrictions from their supplier, they opt to advertise a coupon instead that will guarantee a better value.

Why Use Coupons?
Coupons have long since been used by retailers, from Coca-Cola to your neighborhood supermarket, but recently with the advent of online shopping, coupons have seen a much bigger boom in their use by stores and by shoppers. Stores are able to offer discounts to those that are willing to find them. There are a variety of coupons that you will be able to find for online stores, including dollar discounts, percentage discounts, first-time customer discounts, free shipping, rebates, special sales, free gifts, and many other innovative ways that add more value to your purchase. Why pay more for your next purchase when you could simply use a coupon to get free shipping, 10% off, a free gift, or a variety of other discounts that will save you a lot of money? It’s just too easy not to pass up the opportunity of saving so much money.

Online Coupons vs. Print Coupons
One of the reasons why coupons have become so much more widespread in today’s online marketplace is because they are easy and cost-effective for businesses to send out. Unlike the traditional neighborhood retailer, e-commerce websites do not have to battle with printing costs and finding costly ways to reach potential customers. Online businesses instead can send out coupons via e-mail or official partners, with much lower cost and frustration. Usually coupons for online stores are better than those you will find for brick-and-mortar stores for the same reasons. Online stores have less cost to run their business and less cost in advertising coupons, which allows them to give very large discounts on the items they sell. In the online world, it is not uncommon to find a 20% off coupon that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

How to Find Online Coupons
There are a variety of ways to find coupons, from signing up to e-mail newsletters to finding them through search engines. Certainly, these can provide benefits, but they add extra time to your search and don’t always guarantee that you will find the right coupons or the best ones available. That is why we have launched our free coupon directory service at We believe that it is important in today’s busy world for online shoppers to find the best coupons in the most convenient way. We take the hassle of combing through hundreds of e-mails and contacting online stores in order to provide one easy place for you to find coupons. There are hundreds of online stores posted with coupons free for anyone to use. So, next time you are about to make a purchase or even if you are simply online-window shopping, visit to get a coupon for the best discount. Stay savvy, shoppers.

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