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DIY Halloween Decor Round-Up

  Last year I went on a Halloween decor kick where I attempted to incorporate as much creepy-crawly and spooky decoration as possible, all for under $10. I was pleased with the result, my kids were thrilled, and my budget stayed completely in tact. Hooray -last year proved an easy victory! This year, however, I feel behind the curve, and am tempted to just buy some giant spiders to put on the outside of the house and call it done. Unless I can find a burst of inspiration thanks to these amazing Halloween decor ideas from around the web...

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5 Halloween Costumes For Under $10

stick figure halloween costume
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I realize it lacks the emotional appeal of Thanksgiving and the significance of Christmas, but that's the attraction for us. Halloween is all about having fun. Imaginations run rampant, and it's an opportunity to be decadent, ghastly, and/or humorous. Last year, I remarked on how quickly the costs can add up if you walk into this holiday without a plan. I feel very strongly that early costume planning is key. However, let's face it: sometimes life is too busy to have it all mapped out. If you find yourself in a pinch for costumes, or just don't want to overspend on expensive Halloween costumes, here are 5 Halloween costumes for under $10 that are sure to still be a hit.

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What To Buy In October

What To buy in October
With all my gushing lately over fall recipes and fall activities  you might think that I've forgotten about how to shop smartly and efficiently. Never fear! I have not forgotten. I'm actually pretty excited because what to buy in October lines up nicely with my current deficiencies. Perhaps you too are in need of a new fridge or comfortable jeans. If so, you are in luck because those are just two of the items to buy this month. Here's the full rundown on what to buy in October.

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3 Fall Activities To Try This Weekend

photo by Christopher O'Donnell
I promise I will discuss topics other than fall starting next week. But, really with the official start to fall Monday night, there is just so much to say about this time of year. These next couple of months bring about some of the best opportunities for families to find fun activities. Most of my favorites are very frugal, if not free things to in the fall, which means that this time of year my family stays well within the budget (usually) too. Maybe it's the fresh air or the new smells and flavors, but I find people seem to generally feel better in the fall. So , get out there with any or all of these 3 fall activities to try this weekend.

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3 Recipes That Taste Like Fall

fall leaves
In the past, I've shared my complete and total love for fall because of outdoor activities , fall fashion, and vacation spots. One other huge component of fall for me though is the food. Haven't you noticed that each season has a particular taste or flavor to it? I can't be alone in this because already I've been spying some delicious looking recipes out there in the blogosphere. While I am constantly trying to eat healthier and keep grocery shopping within the budget, I am positively itching to get in the kitchen and whip up some hearty fall dishes. Certain smells and spices just feel like fall and they are beckoning! So, this weekend I plan on trying out all of these 3 recipes that taste like fall:

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Football Party Recipe Roundup

Oh yes, it is that time again! The nights are cooling down, the competitive spirits are revived, and the football parties have begun. Last year, we provided 3 easy recipes that were among our personal arsenal for football parties and they are still fan favorites. So, this time I thought I would throw out additional crowd-pleasing possibilities. After all, one can never have too many choices when it comes to party food! In no particular order, here's a football party recipe roundup from around the web:

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5 Ways To Score Frugal Deals on Tech Accessories

Surely you've heard by now that Apple has a big day planned for September 9th.  In fact, they even have a countdown for it on their site. Everyone's been buzzing about the iPhone 6 and possibility of an iPhone watch (or maybe it's still just a rumor?)

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3 Free Ways To Celebrate Fall (Before It’s Here)

Although September is just around the corner, fall still feels really far away. I know plenty of friends who lament the Labor Day Weekend because it marks the end of summer. For me, it means we are marching closer to football, tall boots and fuzzy sweaters. Right now, however, my air conditioner remains on and all of my enjoyment of fall is in my head. So what'a a gal to do? I say it's time to get a jumpstart on fall! Granted there are no leaves chaining colors yet, but there are small ways I can enjoy this season just around the corner. Here are 3 free ways to celebrate fall (before it's here!)

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What To Buy Over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is right around the corner. Unlike most of our holidays, Labor Day doesn't have an immediate consumer aspect to it. It's rather wonderful for this reason; it's one of the only holidays where many Americans are off of work and can spend their time just hanging out. There are no presents to buy or traditions to prepare for that day. In fact, there really aren't even decorations or symbols to decorate for this holiday. Because of all of this, many people overlook that some of the best shopping deals take place over this 3-day weekend. The funny part is, most stores are open all day on Labor Day, and are flooded with customers. So should you find yourself near a mall or idly shopping online, keep an eye out for some deep discounts. Here's what to buy over Labor Day weekend:

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Going Greek? 3 Ways To Save On Sorority And Fraternity Gear

Colleges are almost back in session, and college students are getting prepped for the necessary supplies. It's time to stock up on everything from washcloths to emergency snacks and extra notebooks. In fact, if you aren't sure what all to send to a college student, here's a list of some essential everyone needs.

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