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What To Buy In April

cruise ship
Hello, April! How long we've been waiting for the promise of sunshine, flowers and spring. Thankfully, now that we've reached April we've really turned the corner. We've done our spring cleaning and now it's time to think ahead to summer. Yes, you read that correctly - with virtually no down time, you can actually score some of the best deals for summer goods now. Of course, this is also when a lot of winter items are at rock bottom prices too. So, let's look at what to buy in April to maximize a family budget!

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Easy, Frugal, And Fast Spring Cleaning Guide


Let's get something clear: I am not a crazy cleaning person. Oh, I appreciate and thoroughly LOVE a clean home and I am a fantastic picker-upper to keep things generally tidy. But that deep cleaning, with true elbow grease is just not my kind of thing.  However, usually twice a year I get the itch to go all-out and clean like some sort of mad woman. Inevitably, spring cleaning is one of those times. Though, even with it I keep in mind that:
 "Housework, if you do it right, will kill you." - Erma Bombeck
Now that we have that cleared up, here's my easy, frugal, and fast Spring cleaning guide:

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Saving On Spring Sports

Boys Lacrosse Gear


While the NCAA is in the midst of March Madness, many parents experience their own form of intensity this time of year as kids gear up for spring sports.  Prior to actually having children, I thought all organized sports for kids was a terrific way for them to get involved, get active, and learn to work as a team. Granted, I still think that today, but I also know that each season I have a small sense of anxiety as I anticipate the costs per kid per sport. Last year we wrote some savings tips for outdoor sports. This year we sought some outside help.

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Spring Family Vacations: Ski Or Beach?


As we move through March, I feel as though everyone is planning a trip. Many are getting ready for Spring Break while others are gearing up for the long Easter weekend. Regardless, it seems everyone is ready for a spring family vacation. 

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What To Buy In March


Anyone else anxiously waiting to see if March will truly be "in like a lion, out like a lamb?" I know my household is getting rather sick of snow, ice and just plain cold weather altogether. Unfortunately, this winter has also been rough on our utility bills as well. As we inch our way towards spring, I'm looking at all possible  ways to save money. Thankfully, March is known for a few frugal finds that I can take advantage of right now. Here's a roundup of what to buy in March - may it save you some money too!

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How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since February was the month for chocolate (among other things) and because we've been stuck inside this winter far more than normal, we embarked on a quest to perfect our chocolate chip cookie making. While there are a number of desserts that are more difficult and more complex in flavor, the chocolate chip cookie is still one of the most universally satisfying treats for my family. 

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Frugal Finds For February


February Can Be a Great Month for the Frugal Shopper

Everyone knows to celebrate Valentine's Day in February and that it is Black History Month, but did you know it is also the month for chocolate and canned foods? Weird but true. Oh, and while we are at it, let's not forget American pie, cherries, grapefruits and children's dental health. February apparently packs a lot into its 28 day appearance each calendar year. It also happens to be the month for some savvy shoppers to score big savings on certain items so here are the best frugal finds for February. 

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Date Night Dinner Round Up

Thomas Merton Quote on Love

Valentine's Day is literally upon us and couples everywhere are scrambling for last minute gifts and date ideas. It's understandable; even the most reluctant of admirers feels the pressure to DO SOMETHING for Valentine's Day. Some of the ideas below may even help spur some sudden inspiration. These are recipes and suggestions I've found on various blog posts, ranging from super simple and frugal to far more romantic and involved.  Here's a full date night dinner round up that's sure to get ideas going for much longer than just Valentine' Day.

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Fast And Frugal Valentine Treat

Homemade Chocolate PB cups

Valentine's Day generates quite a bit of public disagreement. It's always interesting to see where people fall in the mix on this day. Are you a hopeless romantic who secretly (or not so secretly) looks forward to grand gestures on this day? If so, then these stories are for you. Or perhaps you are one of those that dreads this holiday - hello singletons and begrudging spouses. I understand, although my household is somewhere in the middle. While dates are not necessarily mandated, we do enjoy giving small gifts to each other and especially to the kids. I've also developed quite a soft spot for the incredible homemade ones people are coming up with such as this lovely round up from Cool Mom Picks. But, here's the real reason I enjoy Valentine's Day.

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The January Cure: Week Four Results

Oh my, we are almost to the end of the January Cure challenge! What an event it has been too. There have been ups and downs as I've attempted to tackle this inspiring organizational front on my home. However, now the finish line is in sight {and I may be on the floor by the end} but I am going to see it through! Let's look at how week four turned out overall. 

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