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5 Great Gifts For College Graduates

Let's be honest, the best gifts for college graduates would involve jobs and/or money. Cash is truly a fantastic gift for a recent grad, especially if you give it in a clever manner.  However, there are a number of other great gifts for college graduates that they would truly appreciate. After all, this is a time in a graduate's life where any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! So, if you haven't grabbed something yet, here are 5 great gifts for college graduates:

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Top Mother’s Day Gift Deals

Don't panic, but did you realize we are about two weeks away from Mother's Day? I know, I know - it snuck up on me too this year. So I snuck a peek at last year's round-up of ideas and while I still like all of them, I need something more this year. Granted, moms all over are ecstatic to simply get the gift of time off or the gift of fun time with the people they love most (no chores allowed of course). However, every once in awhile it's just nice to get an actual present and so for Mother's Day this year I plan on giving something and, fingers crossed, maybe getting something too. Of course, let's not be hasty; I still need frugal Mother's Day gift options that won't blow my budget. Thankfully, most of the gifts I want to give are pretty traditional which means there are a lot of sales and coupons for them. That's why I've rounded up these top Mother's Day gift deals:

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5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

Next week brings April 15th, the big TAX DAY for most Americans. While the task of filing taxes brings much anxiety, most people (around 70%) still get a tax refund. That means many people will find in their bank account or mailbox a small lump sum that perhaps wasn't already accounted for in the budget. What's a family to do with a tax refund? Obviously, that's a very personal decision, but here are 5 smart ways to use your tax refund:

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How To Be A Frugal Foodie


Being a Foodie Can Be Expensive

I know a handful of people that eat to live, placing very little emphasis or thought on food. Those people completely baffle me. I love food: the colors, the flavor combinations, the endless possibilities and the sheer pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal. As I get older, I find myself becoming even more interested in cooking and embracing my more adventurous side with meals. The one large, and it is LARGE, drawback to being a foodie is cost. Delving into the world of truffles, imported cheese, and gold leaf does add up quickly. Thankfully though I have also learned a few tricks to help my family eat the best without breaking the bank. After all, saving money is still the bottom line these days. Here are a few simple tips on how to be a frugal foodie:

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8 Easy Money Saving Strategies For Spring

Spring is days away-days! Daylight savings has happened, wrecked havoc on us and our schedules, and its seems everyone is ready to embrace a whole new season now. A new season often leads to additional expenses in the budget: higher utility costs, more expensive entertainment options, etc. Fortunately, spring seems to usher in more opportunities to cut costs instead. With minimal effort, a household could save hundreds over the next three months. Here are 8 easy money saving strategies for spring:

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3 Ways To Welcome Spring (When It Still Feels Like Winter)

  It's beginning to feel as though spring is never actually going to come this year. All over the US, cities are experiencing the coldest temperatures on record and spring is supposedly a scant three weeks away. So, what's a stir-crazy family to do? First of all, we keep referencing those free ways to beat the winter blues to keep our spirits lifted. Plus, it's time to get determined and creative and forge ahead with some activities that welcome spring anyway! Here are 3 ways to welcome spring (when it still feels like winter):

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10 Tips To Save Money On Your Spring Break Trip

Remember all the tricks to help beat the winter blues, and how one idea was to go ahead and plan a vacation of some sort? Well, if you are like me, you may have spent more time daydreaming than planning. Since I'm one of the millions stuck under piles of snow these past few weeks, I've been particularly drawn to daydreaming about beaches and warm weather. But I haven't pulled the trigger on any real plans yet, which means I'd better move on planning my spring break trip! You too? If so, here are 10 tips to save money on your spring break trip:

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Valentine’s Day Gift Round Up

Valentine's Day has a tendency to really get to people.  For all the secret (or not-so secret) romantics of the world, it's an opportunity to go totally overboard in sentiment, complete with epic love poem and rose petals covering the floor. For the un-coupled it's either a dreaded day or a day to scorn the preposterous marketing of cards, flowers and candy. There's actually an e-how tutorial on coping with being alone. Call me an optimist, but I tend to enjoy the lighter and more positive aspects of Valentine's Day. I enjoy telling people, " I love you" on this day. Of course I am also a fan of chocolate, candy, flowers, hearts and the color combo of red and pink. So, maybe Valentine's Day just works for me. For those of you struggling to get through this Valentine's Day, never fear. I have created a really easy Valentine's Day gift round-up that's sure to score you some points with your sweetheart. And by sweetheart, I mean anyone special in your life that should know you care.

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10 Totally Free Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Is anyone else starting to find winter a little overwhelming already? While not officially diagnosed with SAD, I'm not much for grey days and limited outdoor activities. Since we still have nearly two months of winter, I need to find ways to beat the winter blues. And let's face it, they need to be free ways to beat the winter blues because we're still motivated on our financial New Year's resolutions. At first glance, finding free ways to beat the winter blues might seem like mission impossible, but it's not. In fact, the possibilities are endless - but they do involve using some creativity and a willingness to fight the urge to just curl up and watch TV...again. So, let these 10 totally free ways to beat the winter blues be your initial jumping off point or inspiration. Mix it up with your own options, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by how quickly spring arrives this year:

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3 Best Cookbooks To Help You Lose Weight

How's everybody else doing with the whole New Year's resolution thing? Since we aren't even out of January yet, I'm doing okay. I'm making it to the gym frequently which is a huge first step. Of course, EVERYONE is at the gym right now, so I'm fighting for my place on the mat just to get the most out of my workout. The other part of the whole healthy equation is the diet. Oh dear, the diet.

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