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Deals on Desks And Other Back To School Discounts You Need

Currently in a scramble to get a spot established for kids to do school this fall? You're not alone! Seems like everyone we know is trying to find a nook or corner to carve out for students right now.

That's why we've rounded up the following coupons for getting school started as smoothly as possible in this completely abnormal year. Our biggest tip? Don't wait! Once you've found the coupon you want to use, go ahead and place your order. We've experienced (as have our neighbors) much slower processing and delivery times so plan accordingly.


We were shocked to discover how limited the desk options were! We found a few within our budget, but then noticed delivery was almost 6-8 weeks out for those. Yikes! Another tip - check the office supply stores rather than just furniture stores.

Anyway, here are the best deals on desks we've found so far:

Printers & Ink

We've resisted getting a home printer for years. That's because every time my elementary school kids had the chance to use one, they would print page after page of rainbow colored pictures if left unattended. Of course, now that school is remote, we need a printer AND a lot of ink cartridges.

Laptops, desktops and tablets

We waited until the last possible minute to buy or oldest a computer. What was the point if we could all share the main home one as needed? Now that everyone needs a screen for both work and school, we are short a few options. Though we remain reluctant to buy too nice of a computer, we know everyone needs their own to make it through the day now.

So that's what we've been up to lately - how about you? Tips or suggestions about how to make the transition back to school easier this year? Let us know how it's going on Facebook!

3 Money Saving Tips For Heading Back To School in 2020

Depending on where you live right now, school is either about start online, cautiously returning in a few weeks, or still being approached with a wait-and-see attitude. This mix is creating a lot of anxiety for most of the frugal families we know who are trying to plan ahead. After all, how do you budget for a school sports season if you aren't sure if football will happen?

To be honest, we aren't sure either but based on what we do know about school this fall, here's some tips on money saving strategies.

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Father’s Day Deals

We've rounded up some of the best gifts to get dad this year and found the deals to keep things within budget. These savings will help you spend less or maybe mean you can buy more. Either way, dad will be thrilled with any of these great Father's Day deals this year.

Dad working from home more frequently now? It's possible that working from home is here for good. That makes the Apple Airpods practically essential, and right now you can get them at their lowest prices possible. Amazon's offering them at under $130 (plus get Super Saver Shipping free with this coupon).

A lot of men are letting their facial hair grow out right now, but even if dad prefers to keep a clean-shaven look they will appreciate the Bevel shaving system. Their multi-blade razors help reduce ingrown hairs and bumps while their skin care products keep skin from getting too dry. These Bevel coupons are the perfect excuse to help dad try out a little self care each day.

Now that the weather is warmer, we know many dads looking to implement a work out routine outside until the gyms will open back up at maximum capacity. Personally, we've been fans of Beachbody for years. Loaded with a huge variety of at-home workouts, they are a go-to for the whole family.

If the dad you're shopping for could use a couple of items to help him get his sweat on, here are a whole lot of coupons you will love:

The truth is you don't have to spend a fortune on getting dad a perfect present this year. In fact, we have hundreds of coupon codes to help you find the right deal for you and there's always the option to go homemade too. The important part is taking time to recognize the dads in your life that are making a difference!

Anxious? Stressed? 3 Places To Add Comfort And Get Relief Right Now

Will school return in the fall? Is it safe to walk with my neighbor? Are my sinuses turning into something more serious? Raise your hand if you need a break from the news and never-ending deluge of questions it brings.

Many of us have been home for weeks on end now, with little more than the scenery inside our walls or just outside our windows to entertain and distract us. And frankly, we are just...tired of being stressed and anxious all the time.

We tried some new crafts and that helped, but we still feel the need to ease some tension.

You too? Then here are 3 ways to add comfort to get some relief (at all different price points) until we find our new normal.

1. Your Bed

Guess what helps fight off illness and makes us feel safe and cozy at the same time? A goodnight's sleep, of course. Naturally, that means our bed has become extra important. No to mention we are spending more and more time there as a make-shift office and just quiet retreat from everyone when we need it during the day.

Step up your sleep and relaxation with a new mattress. Nest Bedding is one of our top picks because it is organic, non-toxic and all natural. There's no weird new mattress smell, plenty of firmness options and a comfort guarantee. Check out these Nest Bedding coupons to save on your purchase too. Oh, and don't forget to check out their bedding collection - we promise you'll want to consider the best-selling Easy Breather Bedding Pillow!

2. Your couch

If you can't sink into your couch or consider it a second possibility for a bed in a pinch, we strongly suggest finding a better one. In fact, there are some pretty amazing options at Club Furniture and right now that won't break the bank.

New couch not an option? No problem, let's talk about how easy it is to add comfort via throw pillows and soft blankets. Snag 25% off of either with these Macy's coupon codes.

3. Your bath or shower

A long time ago we remodeled our bathroom and opted for an extra large walk-in shower rather than a bathtub. Cue the sad music because we now wish we had one that wasn't in the kids bathroom. Still, there is no cheaper or faster way to add a little dose of luxury and relief than in the bath, or even shower.

For under $20, you can create your own spa-like experience at home with a new candle, oversized bath towel, or fancy product. Sage, lavender, lemon and orange are all smells that are said to reduce anxiety too so finding bath bombs or soaps in these scents could be just what you need to start the day off right.

May is also Mental Health Awareness month so we want to do our part in raising awareness about mental health. Now, more than ever is the time to know you are not alone and stay connected with community. If the recent pandemic is adding a lot or even a little stress to your daily life, these resources from the CDC might be very helpful!

There’s Still Time To Order These 3 Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mother's Day is four short days away, which in normal times would mean a last minute visit to mom's favorite store to get a gift card. Today, why risk it when you can still use these amazing shipping coupons to order the perfect gift within the next 5 minutes?

Here are the best Mothers Day gift ideas that you still have time to order:


Yes, flowers are on our list every year and yes, mom still wants them and no, they are not overused or under-appreciated. In fact, we argue that flowers are even more fitting for as Ladybird Johnson said, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope." And who among us couldn't use an extra dose of hope right now? Flower coupons galore, including SAME DAY delivery options!


If we've learned nothing in the last 7 weeks, we now fully understand how tech dependent our world is. Maybe it's time mom has her own iPad mini for browsing online, doing at-home videos, or making her own playlist. Right now, Apple has free 2-day shipping on in stock-products.

Comfy Anything

Help mom wrap up in all things cozy and soft by gifting her a new pair of leggings, pjs, sweats or loungewear. Most of us are now wearing these things for 90% of our days anyway! Jockey has a surprisingly great array of options to choose from and this 2 Day shipping coupon ensures it will arrive on time!

You still have time to order these 3 gifts and we think all of them would make excellent choices! Of course, a simple "Thank You Mom, I Love You" goes pretty far too.

Why Stay Bored? Easy Craft Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

It's true - all this at home time and togetherness has been lovely....and we are starting to get bored. While we see creative and humorous families all over Tik Tok and Instagram right now, our little unit is starting to feel a little uninspired. We've done the puzzles, board games, and indoor Olympics and we need more.

You too? Then never fear, we've been digging around and found a few new crafts to try during these additional days at home. Better yer, we may just have discovered all new hobbies along the way!

1. Paper Crafts

We are new to the world of paper crafts and pretty excited about this discovery. We can't wait to dive into bookmarks, cupcake toppers, and mini-books galore. Each craft designed to our own unique tastes and interests too.

Thanks to Sizzix, we've found literally hundreds of new paper craft ideas we want to try. Plus, their clearance center has supplies up to 80% off!

2. Bird Houses

We have either grown old very quickly, or this much indoor time has forced us to take notice of nature in a way we never have before. Regardless, bird watching has become far more interesting to our entire house. The obvious next step craft-wise then is to create our own bird houses! We love this craft as it not only gives us a creative outlet, but provides something for the much-adored birds we've come to appreciate.

Don't have the supplies or tools to build a bird house or just prefer one already made and ready to decorate? We found some at Magic Cabin that are under $10 and all that's needed is paint. We've also found these Magic Cabin coupons helpful because we never leave that site without ordering a few things at once!

3. Easy Clay Projects

Those with small kids may be doing air dry clay projects all the time already, but it might be time to level up your craft. In particular, this article brought all new possibilities to light for us. Even better, we are strongly considering some of these to be potential Mother's Day gift ideas.

These Utrecht Art Supply coupons let us load up our cart for clay of all kinds to get started right away.

What projects are you trying? Any new hobbies starting to emerge during all this downtime? Let us know about it on Twitter or Facebook!

How To Celebrate Easter This Year

Now that we are weeks into the Pandemic, we are forcing creativity in all new ways as a family, as a community, a country, a world. With Easter around the corner, we are also looking for how to celebrate this year.

Luckily, there are still opportunities to enjoy the Easter holiday; it just requires some imagination and flexibility. Here's some of the ideas we're using. Please let us know if you have additional ones!

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10 Coupons You Need During COVID 19

If you are anything like us, you are still reeling from the past two weeks. Our house has been a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts since the COVID 19 breakout really started to hit the US. Our family has changed habits, routines, and daily life in a way that we never could have predicted.

While we have always depended upon online shopping in the past, we use it now more than ever as supplies appear to be running out of physical stores. That's why we've rounded up the 10 most important coupons we needed during these unusual times.

  1. 25% off SNAP Disinfectant from We have never spend so much time wiping down doorknobs, counters, and handrails. Thanks to this coupon we've been able to stay loaded up on disinfectant too.
  2. FREE SHIPPING on iRobot. Now that everyone is home all the time, we've also decided it was time to snag an iRobot. It's a lifesaver with the constant flow of dogs and people coming in and out from walks these days.
  3. Free 90-Day Risk-Free Trial from Having a steady supply of fresh, clean water has helped us feel better about staying hydrated.
  4. 30% Off Select Games & Toys from Board games, puzzles, brainteasers and more have been on high rotation around the house. While we don't like the circumstances around why we are playing more, we are enjoying the extra family time.
  5. Utrecht Clearance Center - Up to 75% Off from Utrecht. We've also been doing a lot more art! Thankfully, this coupon has helped us get a lot of supplies for a lot less.
  6. Find Free Activities at Discount School Supply. What could be better than someone else supplying my kids with ideas about what to do right now? From STEM activities to at-home science experiments, Discount School Supplies has been a life saver. AND FREE!
  7. Game Stop Coupons. Having two teenagers in the house, it's all but impossible to eliminate electronics. And honestly, we feel ok about some of the screen time as it lets them connect with other peers right now.
  8. Overstock Bargains - Save up to 67% Instantly from Omaha Steaks. We noticed the meat section getting really thin in the grocery stores last time we went and got worried. Then we remembered we could order from Omaha and have amazing meat delivered straight to our door!
  9. Save Big at the Wine Outlet. A lot of our friends have been hosting wine parties or happy hours on Zoom. These little opportunities to connect have helped us stay upbeat and connected while we aren't getting together in person.
  10. Amazon coupons. Yes, like virtually everyone else in America we are ordering almost everything else we need from Amazon.

Truly, we hope all of our fellow coupon lovers are staying well, washing hands and getting through these times safely together. This too, shall pass.

How Frugal Is Too Frugal?

Happy February, friends! As we pass the mid-point of the month and wind down winter, we are looking forward to sunnier skies, more sunlight and outdoor activities again.

Of course, we also need to tweak the budget again. A new season ahead means we take time to see how we've done so far (so-so if we are being honest) and look ahead for the big transitions and goals. There are a couple of big ones this year too and that always means tightening the budget.

Which brings us to the question, how frugal is too frugal?

Naturally, this question brings wildly different answers for each person and/or family. For example, if your spouse is spender he or she will probably balk at the suggestion of cutting back on any more spending. There are also times when frugal just doesn't work.

As we continue to embrace intentional shopping, sometimes we are forced to acknowledge that there is a limit to frugality. The question recently came up at a dinner party and we found a hilarious story about the limits of penny-pinching from one of our friends.

According to our friend, she comes from a long line of budgeters. Her parents notoriously found ways to save money in untraditional ways and it was part of her upbringing. Though annoying, she never thought to question anything until her house was "rolled." (It may have another name in other parts of the country, but in the South "rolling" is when a group of kids throws rolls out rolls of toilet paper on your trees, shrubs, mailbox and house. It's mostly harmless, fairly easy to clean up and more of a nuisance than anything else).

However, a well-done rolling job involves a lot of toilet paper. That means kids usually buy the cheapest kind possible - the 1-ply, paper thin kind. After all, parents would get more upset if their bulk supply from Costco suddenly turned up missing and down the road a neighbor's house looked like a TP winter wonderland full of fluffy, 4-ply paper.

Anyway, our friend's house was rolled and it was a job well done and it was her job to clean it up. All of this felt fair to our friend and she started bagging the toilet paper up. Except, rather than throw it out, her parents moved the garbage bag full of toilet paper into the bathroom and everyone had to use it until it was gone. Because it was "still good" and saved them from buying more toilet paper.

For us, that is when frugal is too frugal!

We'd much rather fix our budget than go to that extreme. If, like us, you prefer clipping coupons and making monthly tweaks to keep money in the bank, then you use these past articles to help save each month. And then buy the good toilet paper!

Don't forget to check our latest and greatest coupons for February too!

10 Things To Try In 2020

It's a whole new decade so why not expand horizons, broaden your comfort zone and explore a few new ideas in the coming year? Here are 10 things we can't wait to try out in 2020.

#1: Explore New Places

If we asked where you would most like to explore in the new year, what springs to mind? If it's a big trip, like a month long trip to Europe, then maybe you just start planning and saving this year.

However, what we really mean is it's time to get out and explore new places - in our community, our city, our state or even just the states around us. Honestly, there is SO MUCH around when we start looking at every place with fresh eyes. Grab a map and start digging into what's close to you - you may be surprised by what you find!

Flexible enough to take off at the last minute? Keep an eye out for flight deals and let those dictate where you head next.

#2: Try A New Outdoor Adventure

We aren't really cheating, but it's possible we will get #1 and #2 at the same time. Our new plan is to get outdoors as much as possible and spend a little extra time in nature. There are a number of studies and articles based on how beneficial nature is to humans, even changing our brains.

Some of the adventures we are most interested in to date include hiking, biking, trail running, fishing, kite-flying, camping, and creek stomping. Obviously, the possibilities are endless but if you aren't sure where to start, this list is pretty helpful.

#3: Eat New Food

How many times has your family tried to decide where to eat before landing on the exact same place you go to every time? We love Chick-Fil-A every time we eat there, but that doesn't mean we can't expand our palette. Whether it's a new restaurant or a new cuisine, these coupons are sure to kickstart some different choices that will introduce our taste buds to exotic flavors as yet undiscovered.

#4: Take A Break From Technology

We will admit to being addicted to our phones, our Netflix, and certain social media platforms. No one can put their finger on exactly when we crossed over into compulsive behavior around it, but there's no doubt it's taking over our lives slowly. We are taking a cue from this recent Popsugar story and others like it to commit to reducing tech time around the house. Now, can we remember how to entertain ourselves?

#5: Learn About Your Roots

The explosion of testing for genetics and DNA has us really curious about our ancestry. We are still not committed to the DNA test, but we are excited to reach out to family members and learn more about own family histories. Bring on the baby books, rambling aunts and slightly rearranged memories. Even if we don't get answers to all our questions, we are guaranteed to learn more about those closest to us.

#6: Try Being Artistic

We get totally intimidated when it comes to art. Yet, we have lots of wall space that could use some. 2020 is the year we throw on the beret and try a few DIY wall decor ideas. Plus, these Utrecht coupons will help us save on supplies.

#7: Complain Better

Raise your hand if you knew there was a way to complain? If you did, kudos to you because we had no idea! However, this changed our entire perspective on why and how we process our problems. We are now attempting the complaint sandwich. Another tip we heard: for each complaint, find 2 solutions. How empowering!

#8: Read A Great Book

There are so many incredible books out there. Pick ANY of them and read even just one. Better yet, grab a few more people and start a book club.

#9: Write Our Gratitude List

Oprah does it and it's clearly working for her. We now plan to end each day by writing everything we are grateful for in that moment.

#10: Work Towards Debt Free

Thought we forgot about budgets and saving money? Never. In fact, we are trying harder than ever to get debt free fast. Though we may not get there, it feels good to work toward it and we can't wait to see the progress this time next year.

Which of these are you willing to try in 2020? Have your own list? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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